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Re: Teachers role

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Sat, 22 Mar 1997 09:02:06 -0800 (PST)

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I think it is most fitting for educators to use their brains
and not just go along with some of the mindless political
correctness designed to intimidate and reprogram our basic
intelligence. What has all of the "hoop-la" surrounding
multi-culturalism accomplished? Mainly, just making people
more aware of differences, AND thus, claiming their own
rights. What about assimilating into our society at large -
generally they want society to change to fit their victim or
oppressed condition. How does constantly taking our focus
off of what we have in common contribute to unity? We do
speak English in America. Are we now suppose to whole-
heartedly endorse garbage like Ebonics in the name of
M.C.? Many of the arts are already steeped in cultures that
are non-U.S.A.
Another thing to consider - if I move to South Africa
with my family, and my children love it there and want to
stay and raise children there, will my grandchildren be
called American-Africans? What is our obsession with
hyphenated labels? What is wrong with being Americans, and
striving to understand what that means. There are parts of
our country where there are so many people who refuse to
learn English, or follow immigration laws, that they are
holding parts of our country hostage. Why are supposed to do
it that way? Would other nations allow us to force them into
an non-assimilation mode?
It is time for intelligent people to assert themselves
and try to stop some of this mindless p.c. intimidation. THe
people that accuse and attack others are usually more close-
minded than those they are attacking.
When are we going to see some balance and perspective
on these issues. An organization as important as the Getty
foundation needs to be very careful to approach things from
a sound philosophical perspective, and not give into the
politics of the times. When the organizations that are supposed
to lead, only follow, we truly are in trouble.


Clark Roush, Ph.D.

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