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Re: 1st & 2nd Grade/Lesson ideas

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Fri, 21 Mar 1997 22:12:35 -0800 (PST)

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First and Second Graders are still wonderfully free from the cursed "I can't draw that" syndrome, motivation just seems to be the factor for getting them going. I still am developing basic skills using the elements and principals, but encourage "outside the box" thinking all the time! Our last two lessons stemmed from Rousseau's jungle images. Concepts: Introduction to Rousseau and his life, works and contemporary application, intro. term and idea of "exotic". Skills; Near/Far, overlap, space(Filled), painting, collage skills...
Students were introduced to Rousseau (our friend Henry) and his imaginative jungle images. Good ten minute discussion using visual inquiry. We then introduced the problem to solve of creating "An exotic garden or jungle of our own" and what it would look like. The only rules were 1) it must be crowded(lots of overlapping) 2) it must reach from bottom to top and side to side (space usage)
The first step was to paint, using temperas, the jungle or garden using plants they were familiar with (we live in "exotic" Venice , Fla.) The next week we met they cut out all sorts of animals to glue on top of their images, size appropriate. The final step was to overlap jungle or garden leaves cut from construction paper or painted and cut out, give the appearance of the animals(birds, etc) actually being "in" the scene, (overlapping, distance). The variety to the kids images was due to the open ended nature of how they solved the problems...very wonderful images and they all were successful and happy with them. Now that all five classes images are on display in the exhibition area in our front hallway (getting that is another story, another time!) we have spiraled into another lesson on the "exotic" theme and have created paper jungle bird sculptures that are hanging on a giant Christmas tree in the media (don't ask!). From there we are looking at Houkasai's "Eagle in a Snowstorm" and it's meaning, and also "Great Wave over Kananga(sp?)..." and we are jumping into a unit on Japan and simple printmaking (using scratch foam) and the Ukiyo-e idea. I find skills come with time and exposure, they just love dealing with historical images and learning about their artist friends..this is the needed motivation to get into meaningful content.
Well, I've rambled on here a lot! Hope I've helped a little!

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