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Re: Re: Art Cart Teaching?

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Teresa Tipton (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 21:33:57 -0800 (PST)

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I'm on an art cart and initially hated it, too but over the year, I've
grown to like the shouts of joy that happen when kids see the art cart
come through the door. I've learned to organize things in stackable
see-through plastic buckets for easy loading. I have handouts and images
in file folders in their own box by type and theme for easy grabbing. On
the top shelf are all my papers, stacked from largest on the bottom to
smallest on top. I have pencils and scissors, used most frequently, in
stackable blue tubs with center handles that fit one on top of the other
for easy distribution. Kids love to be able to help pass things out.
Collecting them back is more problematic for grades 4-6 but easier for the
younger kids to not steal kool things they like...I have everything marked
and numbered so that a stolen item will show up = eventually, if it isn't
absconded home.

Noise and chaos are like the "ping pong effect" when you enter the room -
probably a kind of chemistry - the kids get excited, energy expands, the
noise level rises, excitement bursts out as chaos, and hey - we're ready
for ART. If you can look at it as a natural process, it works better.

Teresa Tipton

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997 jkoehler wrote:

> Hello,
> This is my first time writing on the internet and I'm kinda mad because I erased my long response by accident. I'll try again but it won't be as long.
> Art cart is the worst.
> Discipline is 50% of the job. It's constant, especially on the cart when you don't have any control over the classroom set up. Here's what I did.
> I rolled in and set up on visuals with magnets on the blackboard as quickly as I could. I posted a class award certificate that read:
> Students ready for art_________
> Listen quietly_________________
> Work quietly__________________
> Clean-up __________________
> Ready for teacher _____________
> When I checked off all areas the class keeps the award and hopefully the classroom teacher posts it. That's not all. I also gave points to the quietest tables or rows. The most points at the end of class earns stickers. Upper grades like those sports stickers... If their name is written on the board for misconduct or even a warning-no sticker. I just read a good book called The First Days Of School. by Wong? It is helpful for discipline and organization. RSVP if you want more art cart ideas.

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