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Re: recommended readings/postmodernism

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henry (taylorh)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 13:49:22 -0700 (MST)

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Hi Diane!

Your address has changed I think, and you aren't using a .sig file today.
But, I'm assuming that SWT.EDU is South West Texas and that you are Diane
Gregory. Have I got that part right? ;)

Yes, I have not been doing much on listservs of late. I was finding an
inability to maintain my attention in classes while participating in the
listserv chat. I only have one incomplete to make up and MAY have to
retake an easy class that I put off 'till last so that I could handle the
tough ones. So far they haven't given me the boot despite my propensity
for doing things in VERY informal ways. Hey, I'm serious in my role as a
non-traditional student. I'm pushing 50 now and have never been able to
conform to academic necessity at any point between kindergarten and a
masters program. Not that I didn't want to or that it wouldn't have been
easier. Just the way I'm wired I guess.

Thanks for the compliments.

Yes, I'd be happy to put together some explanation and definition from my
point of view. I can't get to it today but probably over the weekend, OK?

I had been trying to avoid dealing with postmodernism/poststructuralism
until I returned to the university a few years back. Now, I've had to
translate it all for myself and it's been quite a struggle. Ultimately it
has been profitable and liberating tho perhaps NOT what would have been
expected by the people whose books I was reading. I had to start by
deconstructing poststructuralism <VBG>.

OK, on to my chores.

I'll be back. (I've heard that somewhere before?)


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