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Re: Blue Skies, nothin' but blue skies...

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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 18:30:28 -0500 (EST)

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Dear John,
Try a glass of prune juice.

On Sat, 15 Mar 1997, John R. Tate wrote:

> Carla writes...
> So if you don't like the "level" of the conversation you see on here,
> where's your substantive contribution?
> --Carla in LA
> Dearest Carla and everyone else,
> If, like the rest of this group, I felt that every damn question that
> came to my mind was worth posting, then I would. Until this time however
> I will post something when I feel there is something worth posting. So
> far, in the last three months, I have read few things that any
> intellegent human being could possibly find interesting or worthwhile.
> No, let me rephrase that, ...There are quite a few interesting subjects
> posted. Unfortunately, there are also a tremendous amount of assinine
> things posted which do nothing for anyone. What's further aggravating is
> that these inane topics get discussed for days on in until the issue
> gets so old it is pathetic! It is worse than beating a dead horse!
> I will gladly post topics that are worthy of the intellegence of this
> group when I see the need. Perhaps I should ask if anyone has a good
> recipe for Papier Mache? Our maybe, "How do I marbleize?" Please! With
> most of us being subjected to increasing class sizes, decreasing
> budgets, non-supportive administrations, antiquated equipment (with no
> possible renewals in sight), etc. Do you really think it is important
> that we discuss, for days and days, the dress codes of student teachers,
> whether or not proper spelling is important online, and why the sky is
> painted with a band of blue in elementary works?!
> P L E A S E !!!!! Think before you post!
> John R. Tate
> Brien McMahon High School
> Norwalk, CT.

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