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pre-service art education

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Laurie Eldridge (L_Eldridge)
Sun, 9 Mar 97 18:14:28 UT

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Having had several groups of art ed students observe in my classroom, I would
like to make a few comments concerning what needs to be included in
pre-service programs.
Get the students into the classroom in their first class so they can be sure
they want to pursue this avenue.
Students need time to work with a teacher before student teaching. One or two
mornings helping with a lesson can be incredibly stimulating and helpful for
the student.
Students need to learn about and work with students of all abitlities. Nothing
was every mentioned about LD, MiMH, MoMH, severely emotionally handicapped,
autism, deafness, operational defience disorder, giftedness,gifted students
with emotional or learning problems,or underachievement in any of my classes
needed to get a teaching license, but that was at least a third of my
classroom population fist three years I taught. It is very frustrating for
teachers and art ed students alike to just be thrown into a multiply
handicapped classroom for an art class where the majority of the students are
unable to move, talk, see, or communicate. I had this experience
professionally this year and am just now seeing what I need to be doing.
Theory and experience in sensory therapy would help.
Students themselves need to learn to use higher level thinking skills and be
asked to use them in their classess. They need to learn to examine their own
thinking in order to recognize and guide their students towards higher level
thinking. A required class in logic wouldn't hurt nor would reviewing logical
thought (Western and non-Western) in classes that teach how to look at and
talk about art.
Art ed professors aften spend a lot of time on how to write and teach lesson
plans, but very little on how to evaluate student learning (not just art
products). That needs to be taught and practiced before student teaching. The
evaluation component needs to be taught simulataneously with the
curriculum/lesson writing component.
Students need to be taught to look at their classroom with a researcher's
observation skills.
This can't be taught, but it can be instilled-leadership skills based on
actual achievement giving students a real sense of self worth. Treat students
as professionals, expect them to start behaving as professionals, get them
involved in professional organizations,teach them the importance of positive
thinking to combat burnout, get them connected to art teachers who are
engaged, dynamic, and active professionals (not just who is close). If you
professors communicate and maintain high standards to your students, the
standards of the profession that we love will coninue to rise!

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