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"Project Ecology ", An International exchange of studetn art

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Robert Alexander Fromme (rfromme)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 04:34:23 -0600 (CST)

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I just received this note form Sheldon Smith of Atascadero Junior High
School. Sheldon was my mentor on the Internet in years past. I am sure
many of you will be interested in participating in "Project Ecology". It is
a fine program. I am also pleased to see that Linda Delzeit is also
continuing her support of the international event.

Subject: Project Ecology IV

Project Ecology is back, this time on the World Wide Web.

The original project was the brainchild of Tadao Kawasaki of Ibaraki School,
Ibaraki Japan and done by Sheldon Smith. The project entailed students
drawing their impression of world ecology and exchanging them through
regular postal services. This year's project is enables students to create
artwork through traditional mediums, then scan them into .gif or JPEG files
and post them on the Internet for the other participants and the rest of
the world to see.

In the past, 30 schools from Washington to Japan, from Australia to Russia
exchanged over 300 images their views of ecology. In most countries, ecology
is rarely discussed. This project brings ecology education and ecology
discussion to schools that would not initially discuss this issue. This
project also gives students the opportunity to participate in an
international project that has a high potential for local publicity.

The images in past years exchanges were displayed in various museums, public
squares, schools, journals and newspapers.


Project Timeline:

Project Ecology Art Exchange
March 19-April 21, 1997

Dates to remember on this project:

* Project Start Date: March 19, 1997
* Send email that you or your class will participate: March 19 - April
15, 1997
* Create your artwork: March 19 - April 20, 1997
* Send your artwork: April 1 - April 21, 1997
* Project Ends: April 21, 1997

Project Directions: How to participate.

How to Participate Via the WWW

* Submit your artwork as a .gif or .jpg file (less than 100 KBytes) in
one of two ways:
1. Anonymous FTP (anonymous FTP directions), or
2. Email (send your .gif or .jpg files as uuencoded files or as email
attachments to ecology-art).
* View the submitted artwork in the Ecology Art Exchange Gallery.
* Read and Post messages:
o Discussing your artwork as it is being created
o Discussing your views on ecology
Do NOT post your artwork to the discussion area!

Prior to submitting your artwork, participants are encouraged to send a
short email message with the following information:
o Your Name
o Where you are located
o How many pictures you expect to be able to share
o What topics the artwork will cover
o Grade level of student(s)

How to Participate Entirely Through E.Mail

If you do not have ready WWW access, you may participate via email using Youth
Net's infoserve and listserve. Every message exchanged goes directly to your
email box.

* Submit your artwork by sending your .gif or .jpg file (less than 100
KBytes) uuencoded or as an email attachment to ecology-art.
* Retrieve the submitted artwork using Youth Net's Infoserve. The
artwwork will be uuencoded files that you will need to
decode, then view offline.

Directions on using the inforserve are availalbe at


Questions can be directed to Linda Delzeit at linda

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