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Re: substitute lesson plans

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Sat, 08 Mar 1997 22:44:16 -0400

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Dear Heidi,
I just received your post. Thanks for being so generous with your
time! I see many ideas that I'll be able to use right away. Hope to
talk to you later about other art concerns. This is my third year
teaching and I'm looking forward to talking to other art teachers. I'm
enjoying the kids and the moments when everyone is excited about a
project but I feel like I'm making everything up as I go! My
background is painting and drawing twenty years ago and then I went
back to school for Art Ed. and now I'm teaching 11-16 year olds. I
really never papier-mached, printed, sculpted, etc. before these last
few years and I'm sure there are other age-appropriate, tried and
true, wonderful projects that kids love but I'm having to hunt for
them. Is there a bank of Wonderful Art Projects somewhere that I
should know about? or is this what everybody goes through?
Here are some projects that I've found to be successful so far:
Sixth Grade:
Pop Art Drawing-The student enlarges a Sunday comic to fill a
12x18drawing paper and fills in the spaces using dots, circles, and
ruler-straight lines with markers. Outline original pencil lines with
thick black marker line to finish drawing.(Litchenstein)
Pop Product Drawing-The student enlarges all or part of a product and
fills in areas of product and background with dots, circles, lines and
solid color with markers. Use gum wrappers, candy, detergent boxes,
Coke cans, soup cans, etc.
Charcoal Portrait- Walk the students line by line through a drawing of
a face. Shine a light from the side onto one student's(model) face and
show how shadows fall. Draw shadows on one side of drawing's face.
Seventh Grade-Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The student
copies a contour line drawing (i.e. Picasso's "Stravinsky") that he
looks at placed up-side-down . There can be no talking (as language is
a left brain function), no labeling parts, and play quiet music. I'm
always amazed that normally bouncy 7th graders will do this and enjoy
the challenge!
Personality Collage- The student searches for a picture in a magazine
that he relates to (choco-chip cookie, car, nailpolish, flowers, stack
of money, sports figure, etc.) and glues it to a5x8 paper. He then
superimposes his name made of cut out letters from the magazine. These
are hilarious!
Eighth grade- Autobiographical Quilt(Faith Ringgold)- The student
paints a design full of pictures/symbols with personal meaning on a
square of fabric and then measures and sews a border around square
using sewing machine (I bring mine and find that the students have
never sewed on a machine and love the experience). I am sewing these
together into the quilt at home. It's really too much work but I'm
going to use these as wall hangings in our newly constructed school
next year.
Contour line shoe drawing- This age really loves to draw their Nikes!
Pastel Flower Drawings (Georgia O'Keeffe)-The students select silk
flower(scraps from local flower shop) and enlarge it to fill paper.
Encourage students to go back into drawing with unusual colors,
outline petals with complementary color, be sure to draw background.

Thanks again, back to sewing these quilts! Laura Rice

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