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Re: bullet proof sharpeners

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 22:11:32 -0800

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HI,, I don't think it's a power struggle or sabbotage with
the pencil sharpener thing, at least in my room.. If you use Berol soft
colored pencils like we do in our art room, then even people like you and I
would be screwing up the regular pencil sharpeners. I KNOW I have. They
just break too easily. The small, hand-held plastic sharpeners are the only
thing that seems to work for us. I wasn't thinking of using xacto knives
for my students either as sharpeners....that would be just plain dumb with
MY crew...but as another method for myself! Cya.........

>Sounds like you are in a power struggle with some wize-guys. Don't give
>your kids exacto knives, they will vanish faster than erasers, and you have
>armed kids with weapons...Good hand held sharpeners ($5) take less time to
>sharpen than getting up, walking over to the electric sharpner, etc. If
>your sharpeners are truely broken I suspect sabbotage, intentionally
>jamming an eraser into the sharpener will make it "dull" for a while until
>the blades finally wear out the eraser and it starts working again.
>Something harder actually breaks it. When this happens I tell that class
>that they have lost the privledge of using it and must use the hand held
>ones. They HATE that and when I bring the sharpener out again (a couple of
>weeks later), most of the kids are on the alert for anyone who might want
>to mess with it. I would also suggest that you try the sharpener at the
>end of each class, let them know that you will be doing this ahead of time.
> When it breaks hold that class accountable. You have to take control away
>from the wize-guys. Count everything, hold the class back for missing
>scissors and erasers, check the sharpeners, and after a while the situation
>should improve. We have all been there, its tough to be tough about
>supplies, but it works...,No more Mrs Nice Guy, Chris Mullen

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
Danville, California 94526

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