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my name, fundraisers, & such

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Ron Pachter (rpachter)
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 18:25:53 -0500 (EST)

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First of all, for anyone who cares, Ron is my s/o and my name is Marlyn
Foell. I'm a HS art teacher in Brevard Co. Florida grades 9-12. I have it
better than many of you, less than some, I guess. I have another teacher
with me and we are often accused of being joined at the hip. But we have a
very successful, full program that fulfills the needs of our students and
the community (or so I'm told). We have a large art suite with a kiln room
separate and quite a lot of storage (altho I'm a serious packrat and never,
never have enough storage)

On the subject of $$, we never have enough, but are allowed to charge an art
fee of $5 per student per semester which helps greatly (it's voted school
board policy). We service about 300 kids a day between 2 teachers. One of
our fundraising items is poured ceramics production--nothing tacky, but we
have inherited a lot of molds that we teach the students in pottery how to
use. We have managed to integrate the commercial, poured part of claywork
into our full curriculum of handbuilt pottery.

Another thing I've put my foot down on is our continued, EXPECTED help for
the major dance decorating done at the school--usually just Homecoming &
Prom, but it is a great undertaking and if we don't do it, we just end up
spending all our time trying to teach someone who is completely clueless so
it's just easier to just do it. HOWEVER, I'm tired of doing it for free, so
have insisted that the organizations reaping the monetary benefits give a
payback of at least $2 per ticket sold to the art dept.

Altho I've not done it yet, one HS here produces a calendar of student art
work. If you have the capability of producing it in-house, you can save a
ton on printing costs and keep the per calendar cost low and therefore
probably be more successful. You also don't get stuck with a "minimum"
printing amount. It's apparently quite successful at the other school and I
do plan to do it. They usually pick a theme that is centered around our
area--one year it was historic Florida, one was birds, one was sea
scenes--mostly stipple or inkwork, some pencil. Those reproduce best.
Hope this helps. Thanks for this great pipeline to your collective brainpower.

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