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Re: bullet-proof pencil sharpeners?

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Carolyn Roberts (b2w6w4kn)
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 17:46:05 -0800

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Alix, I solved this problem by buying small metal hand pencil sharpeners
that I ordered from Sax for less that $1.50 each. This particular one
comes with two extra blades, however, I have not had to change the
blades this year. I store these on a small rack with short pieces of
sharpened dowel rods and I can tell at a quick glance if any are

My students sit at individual tables and the way they are situated in my
classroom, two students are able to share one sharpener. Also, I keep
the colored pencils in plastic containers which are also shared by the
two students. They sharpen the pencils in the lid and at the end of
class, they empty the shavings into trash can, which is located by their

This solution really works good for me with my middle school classes.
The students say these sharpeners are MUCH better that the cheaper
plastic ones...thus saving my pencil sharpener and making the pencils
last longer. An added bonus is that the students are not constantly up
and down at the pencil sharpener.

Carolyn Roberts

> I need your advice about buying a bullet-proof electric pencil
> sharpener for art classes. Each year, I buy an increasingly expensive electric
> pencil sharpener, which usually dies within 2-4 months of school.
> We use Prismacolor pencils for several projects in my 7th grade art
> classes. These pencils just get chewed up in a conventional
> hand-crank pencil sharpener. Even after modeling how to not choke an
> pencil sharpener to death, my dear students managed to abuse the
> pencil sharpener into an early death. This year's model of sharpener
> was over $60 and died in two months!!! Help!!!
> Is there a brand or model that you can recommend? Do you have a
> pencil sharpening policy that works? I tried having only the table
> leaders sharpen pencils for everyone, but that kept them too busy to
> do their own art work!
> Thanks in advance for suggestions, policies and sympathy!
> Alix Peshette
> Emerson Junior High School
> Davis, CA

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