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Sun, 31 Mar 1996 12:35:14 +0800 (HKT)

I have noticed that recently a number of you have been addressing the idea of
the book. I would like to suggest to those interested in this concept a few
questions that you may like to answer and in so answering may assist in the
development of your lesson.
I recently wrote a brief for my year one deploma in design students a
brief/assignment concerning the design, research and execution of a book.
Some questions and thougts that came to my mind as we were working through this
What criteria make an object a book?
The idea of opening and entering into a store to discover visual and verbal
Movement within the form to reveal new and different images.
The concept of taking out of the store objects and information. That is to take
out visualy into the mind and tangibly into the hand.
What form can a book take? 2D & 3D, to be a box, a sculpture, a drawing, a a
pinting, clay, or images from the computer.
The involvement of the participant. The creater, the artist who constructs it
but constructed in such away to entice viewer participation.
What is the meaning behind turning the pages? Who turns the pages? How are the
pages to be turned?
What materials constitute materials to be used for the construction of a book?
I also gave a very similar project to a group of student teachers, this time I
employed the DBAE model in order to teach the book project.
Criteria for my project included: the only colours that could be used were
blacks greys and whites and the book must be about 'movement' and 'force' the
remainder of the project was open.
I found some valuable images in the SMITHSONIAN Magazine June 1995 p.108.
Hope this is valuable to some one out there.