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Wed, 27 Mar 1996 11:23:32 -0500

Thank you for showing interest! I hope I don't bombard you, but I'm sending
you a list of books on book art that is inspirational. Also, there is a
group of Benedictine Monks in New Mexico that is taking the tradition of
illuminated manuscripts to the Web, designing home pages! The article I have
listed the wrong address so, when I find it let me know if you're
interested...Could be the basis for an interesting lesson on the Western
tradition of the book and art in a continuous state of change!
You can use an interesting technique appropriate for middle school to make
"mock" metal book covers by making a design on matte board with glue and
covering it with alluminum tape, which you can get at hardware stores. Then
take any thick yucky India ink and use it to create an aging effect....the
end result looks more professional than what it may sound. A middle school
art teacher in Virginia did this project hand in hand with a medival book art
unit....The students loved it!
Here's a reading list that may interest you:
"Sketchbook With Voices"
Eric Fisch with Jerry Saltz
Alfred van der Marck Editions, NY, 1986

"Seeing is Forgetting the Name of The Thing One Sees"
Lawrence Weschler
University of California Press, Berkley, CA 1985

"If you Want to Write"
Brenda Euland
Graywolf Press, St. Paul, 1983,1987

"100 Ways to Have Fun With an Alligator"
Norman Laliberte and Richey Kehl
Art Education Inc., Blauvelt, NY. 1969

*Also, a number one book arts resource, and through which you can get
numerous book art for examples, books on making books and paper, also
supplies. It's a bi-monthly mag. for only $12.00 for a one year
"The Book Arts Classified"
Page Two, Inc.
P.O.Box 77167
Washington, D.C. 20013-7167

*Every time I've called they've been very friendly and incredibly helpful!
Let me know if this is more than what you wanted to know...'cause if you're
still interested I'll keep it coming!
Please let me know any area of interest related to papermaking, book arts,
and the media and the book. If you have any lesson plans that you are willing
to share please send them, but don't forget to include your name and school
for credit. Also, Let me know where you are in the world, and I may be able
to send you resource information closer to home.
Carol Lanterman
Richmond, VA
p.s. The trunk can be adapted to all grade levels. It contains art funded by
various organizations including the NEA. I even have a small postcard book
made by the Gorilla Girls. I'm currently using the trunk to teach a high
school class about understanding the media based on the theories of Marshal
McLuhan. If you are interested in teaching a lesson surrounding the media and
its influence on perception, aestheics, and the art of the book....check out
Marshal McLuhan's "Understanding Media". It's especially appropriate for
high school.
He has another book which I've heard of that is Visual, and in line with
contemporary book Art. He has wonderful theories!