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Thu, 21 Mar 1996 16:13:38 -0600

About this magazine stuff we're chatting about...

I just wanted to defend ARTS & ACTIVITIES a little. While the articles may
be more project oriented, this doesn't mean that DBAE can not be applied!
For example, I used a lesson from March 1996 called 'Colorful Creations'
(based on abstract art/organic and geometric shapes) and yes, while it is
lacking in the DBAE parts of History, Aesthetics, and Criticism, I simply
integrated these missing parts in by having my students compare the work of
Kandinsky (Compostion: Storm [very organic]) and Vasarely (Tridem K [very
geometric]) before starting the project! I feel the articles in ARTS &
ACTIVITIES are great to BUILD are lessons from SCHOOL ARTS.

My biggest problem with SCHOOL ARTS has been the overall themes...the fold
out posters are not very intriguing to 5-11 year old students! ARTS &
ACTIVITIES posters have been from art around the world which again are very
easy to build on and interesting to my students right from the first glance.

As art educators, I believe it IS important to TEACH and build perceptual
awareness as well as educated critics ("WHY do you like/dislike this
painting?", etc.), but we must remember that art needs to be FUN too! It
should be a break from the structured environment that 'standard' classes
and classrooms have to offer! Teach...YES! But remember, these students
are our future and if they remember art being dry or boring when they become
adults, why will they fight to keep art education in the curriculum at their
childs school?

Just some thoughts to ponder...anyone else?