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Museum of Bad Art 3/18/96

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craig roland (rol1851.EDU)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 09:52:40 -0500

Several people e-mailed expressing their concern over the theft of Eileen
from MOBA. For those that care, here's an update I just received.

Craig Roland
University of Florida

>Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 06:30:39 -0500
>Subject: Museum of Bad Art 3/18/96
>From: MOBA
>Sender: moba-news-approval
>Reply-To: moba-news
> MOBA News 3/18/95 - Issue #36
> -----------------------------
>No News on Art Theft - As reported in last week's MOBA News, MOBA's
>landmark painting "Eileen" was stolen from the outside of the MOBA World
>Headquarters building in Boston on March 9 between 12:20-1:30 AM.
>Since then, despite a massive outpouring of support from the Friends Of
>MOBA, Boston TV stations and newspapers, and the Boston police there is
>still no word on "Eileen's" whereabouts. Upon hearing of the theft, our
>esteemed curator Mr Wilson personally pledged a $6.50 reward for
>information leading to the return of the priceless painting. Since then
>Friends Of MOBA worldwide have opened both their hearts and their
>pocketbooks in a vain attempt to use the lure of cold hard cash to find
>the painting. As of this evening, thanks to the generosity of the
>Friends of MOBA worldwide, the reward for the return of "Eileen" now
>stands at $33.65.
>While the reward money poured into the "Bring Her Home" fund, the Boston
>media did everything in their power to assist the museum in finding the
>"passionate portrait of the girl with the green eyes". TV channels 4, 5,
>and 7 as well as the Boston Globe, Herald and Transcript newspapers
>published pictures of "Eileen" - but to no avail.
>As Thursday night approached hope began to rise. As the sun went down on
>Thursday, trash night, the MOBA staff fanned out through the neighborhood
>in hopes of finding "Eileen" once again in a trash pile. After hours of
>fruitless searching, the search crew returned to MOBA's offices empty
>handed and dejected.
>On Friday afternoon the mail arrived. In it was a nondescript typed
>envelope - with no return address, postmarked in Bedford, MA. When the
>envelope was opened and the letter was removed the staff members gasped.
> The entire letter was composed of individual letters cut out of
>magazines and glued on to the paper. It read:
> "What do you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other"
>and inside
> "Eileen"
>We will never understand the depths of human depravity that could allow
>any human being to play such a cruel and heartless joke amidst the pain
>that the MOBA staff has endured throughout this last week.
>Our only consolation is the tremendous outpouring of support from the
>Friends Of MOBA though it all. Your email, letters, phone calls,
>telegrams and flowers were the only thing that kept all of us going
>through these trying times.
> -----------------------------
I've snipped out several of the messages here to shorten this posting.
I've included a few to give some idea of the world wide concern over the
loss of Eillen. CR
> Dearest Friends at MOBA,
> This gray morning in California is only matched by my
> mood upon hearing of this horrendous crime.
> I hope that when she is returned to you that you will
> find forgiveness in your heart. Perhaps her captor was
> as entranced by her beauty as we all are.
> It is our hope that 'Eileen' is returned home where she
> is loved and cherished.
> Our thoughts are with you.
> -Canary Studios
> PS Don't forget to have the police question that rum
> looking lot over at the museum of modern art. I don't
> trust them farther than I can throw them!
> Dear MOBA
> Sorry to interrupt the mourning process but all that is
> possible is being done from our side down here in South
> Africa. Through INTERPOL we are scouring the country's
> galleries for 'Eileen'. Our knowledge of the painting
> is rather scant but we are looking for anything
> resembling an 'Eileen'.
> Our best and somewhat dismal lead has come from a
> policeman in Pofadder who claims to have seen `Eileen'.
> Our brief elation has been somewhat tempered by the news
> from a specialist undercover sleuth that that particular
> `Eileen' is the postmaster's wife.
> We shall continue the search!
> Good luck
> Mark Cresswell
> Bathe "Eilleen" in a golden light, and know that no
> matter what, she is burned into the brains of whoever
> had the fate of laying eyes on her......forever.
> This is the stuff legends are made of. My thoughts
> drift toward Eileen, and I think perhaps she is free,
> free at last.
> Patricia Deadroff
> PS Don't worry, she'll turn up. Have you checked out
> all the garage bins?
> Dear MOBA associates,
> 'Eileen' is gone? I share your pain, and I hope that
> she will come home soon. May justice be served in
> this crime!
> Sincerely,
> Melinda and Misha
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