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Tina Arndt (carndt)
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 16:33:23 -0500

Dear Lisa and all you art cart people,
Well after five years of a strong program in art, I had to switch to a part
time cart this year. It really is not a question of whether my program is
valued it is a truly complete loss of space. (one that will end in just one
more year thanks to a new middle school) Music has been in the cafeteria
and on a cart off and on for the past five years. Our tutors meet in
closets and our band and orchestra meet in the front hallway. I have one of
the kindergarten rooms in the morning for grades 3-6 and then I am on the
cart in the afternoon for grades 1&2. So not as bad as it could be but
certainly not ideal. As far as the curriculum I still do everything I would
if I had a room this includes painting, paper mache and all that other
messy stuff. If we spill something it just helps to remind everyone that I
need my room back.

After the shock of losing my room to a shared room and a cart, I worked to
make it as positive as possible. I began to decorate my cart. I feel that
a good portion of what I want students to learn is in the environment I set
up in my room. So I wanted to bring some of that environment with me. The
shelves of my art cart are covered in laminated wrapping paper which changes
from Egyptian to bright colored crayons, to Native American weavings etc.
depending on what we are studying. My Art a la Carte as a sign indicates is
equipped with flashing red lights, a horn to honk my arrival, and a blow up
version of the scream as a mascot to hint subtly at my feelings. The scream
also changes, it has worn a hat and mittens over the winter, St. Patricks
day hat, blinking eyes for Halloween (at which time I also had ghost lights
on my cart), and soon I will be putting on the sunglasses. None of this
takes up much room but it really adds some fun to a bad situation.

As far as organization I found one thing that has worked well for me is one
of those three drawer makeup organizers. It has two thin but deep drawers
with separaters and one large drawer at the bottom. It is covered in
postcard size art reproductions which also change. I keep everything that
I would keep in my desk or on my desk in this yet it does not take up much
room on the cart itself.
I hope this helps your paper
Tina Arndt
Whiteford Elementary
Sylvania, Ohio