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Re: Christian Art?

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Sun, 10 Mar 1996 17:07:12 -0500

To teach "Christian Art" or not...that is the question! Luckily, I have
relieved myself of the burden of fear of that topic because I have
discovered...Hallelujah!!! almost all art deals with social/moral issues.
Fear not, gentle student!!! Ok...I'm being a little goofy...just finished
watching the 10th anniversary production of "Les Miserables" on PBS with my
almost four year old! During the song of prayer for the sleeping
revolutionary student leader, spotlights were shining down on the daughter looks up at me and says..."Mommy, that's the goodness
of God, isn't it?".....
Truly, great art touches our spirit, even that of a small child!

As to whether or not it is safe to introduce "Christian Art"...most early art
was church driven if not inspired...and in almost every culture, reference
to belief systems is part and parcel of their art forms. I don't think you
can avoid dealing with it...I'm taking a group of public middle school
students to see the "Botticelli to Tiepolo" Exhibition from Bob Jones
University on Tuesday. We (teachers working with Museum Education staff) are
focusing on these works as "message carriers" and have worked to design
activities under the title "From Botticelli to Billboards" . The focal work
is in the Museum's collection (The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art/
State Museum of Fla.) called "Act of Mercy" by Strozzi. I am approaching the
work as a Public Service Announcement for the day, and centering around the
questions...Do artists still deal with social issues? ( of course, then
bingo...huge discussion) And do artists still offer solutions to the
problems...or are the works we have studied (Guernica by Picasso, Migrant
Family by Dorothy Lange and The Flag is Bleeding by Faith Ringgold) meant
to spur us on to our own solutions? Did they historically, and do they
still?.... Hence the P.S.A. angle... a reinterpretation of "Act of Mercy" in
Modern America...
Lots of stimulating discussion, writing , problem solving and production
activites!!! In my opinion....go for it, and without hesitation!
(by the way, this teacher who is madly in love with art is also a