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Re: Skoglund field test again

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Tue, 5 Mar 1996 23:36:05 -0500

Hello Everyone,

Please excuse my first post, here's the real one:


In a message dated 96-03-05 11:38:04 EST, you write:

>It is difficult to teach with an artwork if you have no image to show,
>so I encourage the Getty Center to consider developing additional
>materials on the study prints that are commercially available.

I agree. So much of what I can show my students is older artwork. It would be
refreshing to have present day art for them to see. Yes they do see lots of
present day art on television, but the air is a little cleaner when art is
the only product.

I don't have computers in the art room. We won't be able to trudge off to
gather around a screen for a glimpse. So, until we recieve our bit of
schrapnel in the technology boom, I'll need posters or post cards.

Kathy Maloney Johnson
Art teacher for 14 grade levels at two Catholic Schools
Daytona Beach Florida
(where the newspapers say we have between 500 and 750 THOUSAND
bikers<vroom-vroom> visiting for 10 days) modern deconstruction-
reconstructiontionalistecstaticism! Yahoo.