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Joanne Snyder (helen)
Mon, 04 Mar 1996 19:02:04 +0000

Hello Annella!! In response to your question concerning =

appropriate art work...... What is interesting to me as an artist
and art educator is the censorship that does not
relate to issues of drugs, nudity and gang symbols
but the quieter issue of what can be viewed by children
regarding the social and cultural attitudes of our time.

I have noticed a lot of beautiful Web Sites that have
been created by many school districts which is of =

course wonderful but one has to wonder how much
freedom is allowed in the expression of those pages
in regard to showing the feelings and times that are
truly apparent in the majority of America whether rural
or urban.

A case in point, a teacher from Indianoplois created
a really poignant Web Site called =B3The Black Art Book=B2
His district was not impressed and he was forced to
hide it from the District and the Students there.
Enclosed is a statement by an art teacher in Indianapolis
in regard to his website that was created for his school. After
visiting his site perhaps you could voice your views regarding
his =B3Black Art Book=B2.
Yes, telecommunications is a wonderful and real way =

for children to connect and learn about other cultures as long
aas all cultures and backgrounds can be equally accessible.

>From Ken Rohrer

Once again I have been ordered to remove some material from
my website, The Incredible Art Department. My black art book
on the site called Malcomb the Man was made by me, but =

unfortunatly, I used some PTA funds to put it together. Because =

of this, they are considering the material to beintellectual
property of the school district and they want nothing school
related on the internet.
I am aware that they have no legal grounds to do such a thing, =

but I am at a disadvantage. I am looking to get into
administration and need goodrecommendations from key people
in my district. I will also need them so Ican get out of there as
fast as I can. Thus, I am resigned to following their orders until
I can resign.
You can find it under cover hidden from the district at:
Ken Rohrer
Art Teacher
West Newton Elementary School
Indianapolis, IN

Please do check it out!!! Finally something a bit different
in terms of style and content.. Do you feel that
this is an exception and that most school districts
would appreciate the feeling described in his site?

When I was teaching in Provincetown, Ma., in 1991 the
elementary art teacher was being sued by a parent
since she had shown a print of Michelangelo=B9s David.
The school principal was backing her up but the =

point is society in general has never wanted to see =

itself, confront one=B9s own fears and on and on.

However, as an art teacher one understands the community
and the school=B9s rules and uses one=B9s own common sense =

and intuition to bring art to children wherever they =

may be.....

Talk to you later,
Joanne Snyder