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Re: Teaching Art (Yicks)

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Sun, 3 Mar 1996 13:57:31 -0500

WARNING!!!! The following statement is not meant to insult or hurt anyones
Hi all!
I guess I feel totally lost about what this whole thing is supposed to be
about. I don't know if I'm stupid or what, but I didn't realize that someone
was snotty to me. For starters my "feelings" weren't hurt by anyone. I
guess I live by "Sticks and stone....."
Anyways, I understand the reason why Art is important to school curiculum.
If I implied to anyone that I don't understand why or why I should become an
Art teacher I am sorry for the mis-communication of my question. My main
purpose of the question was to get other points of views from other Art
educators rather than from those who are just in my area. I find it
interesting what someone in a different part of the country has to say about
something that might effect them totally differently than it would me. I'm
in Texas where Football is more important then clean water. Back to my main
question. I wanted basically to know WHAT DO YOU SAY to those people that
have no idea, no concept of Art when they tell you that Art is not important
to a persons basic needs. Granted when you actually think about it for
general survival, ART EDUCATION has nothing to do with the evolution of man.
The world would be one truley messed up place if we didn't have it in our
world, but what about the people that are in Bosnia. All they care about is
whether or not they are going to survive a war. I guess one of the reasons
that I am becoming a teacher is to introduce to others something that I
truley love, ART. And if by chance I help them become critical thinking,
responsible human beings, who have a love and understanding of all kinds of
art and of different cultures. I guess my choice will have meant something
more. The older I get the more I realize that I want to make a difference to
a childs life. I think sometimes people get all tied up into other crap and
they forget the main reason for Education. If they had not forgotten, I
wouldn't be asked the question of the importance of Art Education. Again I
think that artednet is a wonderful opportunity for finding out other
responses to questions. I wasn't looking for an easy way out of doing
Thanks for your time, and am I not the only one who thinks we all need to
P.S. I hope that the above wasn't tooo lengthy of a response.