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Re: [teacherartexchange] Tomorrow is my final group!


Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 13:58:32 PST

Thanks. Actually I tried the board idea today, and it worked well. I
made a big picture on my board of a doghouse with a big angry dog
sitting on top. I listed a legend, name on board=warning, one
check=rules, 2 checks=essay, 3 checks=detention. If a student talked
while I was talking, I put his or her name on the board. If he
continued to talk, I put a check. Those students had to copy the rules
for me today. I had three of them. In my last class, I had 12 names
on the board, but only one received a they seemed to care
once the name was on the board. I wouldn't say anything, simply
continued talking while I walked over to the board and jotted a name
down. The students would whisper, "Stop, your name is on the board"
and so forth. It seemed pretty effective, and it helped me a lot to
keep track. I have a form made up for every student with the four
consequences ready to be filled out. After class, I sat down, looked
at the board and filled out the first consequence and then the first
and second for those with a check. I hope that this will keep me on
top of behavior. It will definitely allow me to give out detentions
sooner, which might nip some problems in the bud.

We'll see. Class actually went well today. This group has a few rough
students, but as a whole, there seem to be a lot more cool kids too.
The only problem I had today was getting them to stop talking when I
was giving directions. I didn't have anyone running around the room or
hitting each other or doing the things that my last class did on the
first day! I let them work in groups to create posters for the
expectations they had brainstormed, and they all worked really well.
At the end of class, they all cleaned up and put their chairs up. I
was very happy. I am praying that this last nine weeks will leave me
with a much better taste in my mouth.

Thanks for the advice and support.


Stacie D.

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On Mar 6, 2006, at 7:08 PM, Heather Hayes wrote: 
> Dude...anytime you speak to a kid - even if you ask them to stay >
after or go out in the hall, the other kids notice. It's > embarrassing
to a point - but it's not the same as yelling at them > in front of
others or whatever. My theory about something like > that is that if
the kid was really all that embarrassed about > having his name on the
board, then he wouldn't act out in the first > place. Names on the
board are a nice visual reminder -it helps me > keep track of who I've
spoken to. 
I often walked around the class with a clipboard. I would look at a
lift a page and appear to jot something down and move on. It was very 
effective and I seldom really wrote anything on that hidden sheet or
kept the paper. But they were sure I had written something about them. 
If asked, I would say something about the state requirements that I
a record, a paper trail, for evidence in court, or some such BS. I'd
them not to be concerned too much about it. They knew that the top
on the clip board were always copies of my seating charts. I would jot
notes about what certain students might 
need to help them on the assignment. 
  Just a suggestion, Woody 
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