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re: artistic integrity of teachers


Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 18:25:35 PST

Get yourself a web site and document your students' work so
it's clear you're the one who is sharing.

Linda P.

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>Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:14:55 -0800
>From: "Sidnie Miller" <>
>Subject: re: artistic integrity of teachers
>To: "ArtsEdNet Talk" <>
>HI Nancy, Well, now you know. When other teachers ask you
about your
>kid's work--just say Sorry, it's a trade secret. If you
tell them, you
>are giving them the knowledge to proceed. I always feel
that when I put
>something cool and different in a local show, it goes off
my curriculum
>because lower grade will start using it. We art teachers
and artists
>are always looking for fresh new ideas and get them
everywhere. I would
>say that a majority of art teachers use famous artists
>,aboriginal dot painting, Chinese brush work, etc. etc. and
build their
>assignments around them. Do you feel this is a lack of
integrity? What
>about all the great ideas for projects that we get off this
>using them a lack of integrity?? In our local Scholastic
show there is
>a magnate school that took around 30% of the awards--they
have superb
>equipment--can print out giant photos--it doesn't seem
fair, but then I
>sound like my students. It's life. Be pround of your
students and the
>values that you have instilled in them.
>>>> 03/09/2005 9:04:40 PM >>>
>Hi All,
>While hanging a student art show yesterday with art
teachers from the
>other high school in our city, one of the other teachers
made a comment
>on how nice my student's photo was and asked how he had
done it.
>Without thinking I told her the simple process that he had
researched on
>his own, experimented with on his own and produced in our
darkroom at
>school on his own.
>She quickly said "thanks now I will use this with my
>I believe in sharing ideas and i borrow and adapt lots of
ideas i get
>from conferences and off the internet.
>But, I do not steal ideas from the art teachers at the
other high
>school because we live in a small city and our kids compete
against each
>I expressed how I felt and was laughed at by her and her two
>It wouldn't be so bad except we just finished another show
where their
>high school won 1st place for a photo that was obviously a
much more
>mature process than a high school student could come up
with on his own.
>That student's dad is one of the art teachers at that same
high school
>and the kid told me himself that they took it to a
>photographer and had it printed using a special process and
machine that
>that photographer owned. They also won for a drawing that
was a copy of
>a photo of al capone. Nice technique but not the kid's own
>idea. The local college where the show was held and judged
>state in the entry materials that no work shall be
plagarized in any way
>from another artist yet every year one of the other high
school's kids
>wins for a drawing or painting that is copied from a photo
from a
>I am furious because I won't even let my kids look at a
photograph they
>did not take to copy for a drawing, or do anything to a
>project ( i will demonstrate on a separate piece of paper
only), or
>suggest ideas as to what needs to be added to make
something better. I
>only ask questions to stimulate their thinking and firmly
believe in
>artistic integrity; i.e., it is my work because i made it
out of my own
>head with my own hands.
>Am I being silly about this. I feel the other high school
>I know this is long but I need outside perspectives if you
have the
>time to respond.