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RE: scholastic fees


From: Fields, Linda (fieldsl_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 08:38:14 PST

Maybe I didn't make myself clear-I didn't mean simply stop-I meant stop, BUT do all the other advocacy things you mentioned. Unfortunately, people often do not value what they don't pay for. I have had students tell me that I am stupid for buying things for them to use because I wanted them to experience good materials. I believe that if we do stop doing these things, it should be done with an explanation as to why we are stopping. I'm not talking quitting-I'm talking changing our approach. It will be interesting to see what happens with the California teachers who are refusing to grade papers, etc. Linda

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Fields, Linda wrote:
> How sad that we have come to accept that digging into our own
> pockets or having to spend time on fundraising is part of being
> a teacher! I, too, have spent thousands on my students over the
> years, but after 31 of them, have come to the realization that
> things will NEVER change as long as we keep doing it-there's no
> reason for them to. Sure, the students do lose out for now, but
> maybe it would improve things in the long run. Linda

It's a good thought, but stopping won't change the world.
I know several teachers who won't hang shows because they are not
paid for doing it. They won't take students sketching or to the
museum on weekends because they are not paid extra duty to do it.
They are the 8 to 4 teachers. They don't dig into their pockets
for art supplies because the district should cover it. Lack of
activity won't hurt anyone but the kids. I refuse to own a gun
but people are still shot. I won't go to war but they still happen.
Action causes change. Join the Union. Start a petition. Run for
the school board. Send money to people who will. Attend meetings
and speak up. Visit with you state legislator. Attend committee
meetings at the state capitol. Write your state BOE members.
You can change things.
                        Woody, Retired in Albuquerque
But still active, sending money to good politicians, writing
letters, attending meetings, speaking out (all the time) and
being heard. I know it when they tell me to shut up. The shame
was that when I taught, teachers would come to me and ask me
to ask the questions because I would. Most though would want
me not to because faculty meetings were suppose to be over at
3:30 (end of the duty day) so they could go home.

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