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Iconography Link - Know the Language - and TTFN


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 08:27:41 PST

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

I just added this resource:
I am BIG on symbolism....this is a links of a list of
You will find it on:

The "New" Language of our kids....

There is a new language out there and we need to learn
it (if we are really going to know what the kids are
saying today). Believe it or not some of my
hubby's students even put these in their English
papers! Of course he makes them change them. Now -
brush up on these - 'cause I may start saving myself
some time in typing out all of those extra letters.
Typing is not one of my skills.

Add this to the list *B*.... I use that a lot for ME
these days (*G* - grin) Babe (or Beauty) - In - Total
- Control of - Herself (BITCH).
Getty list came up with Beauty summer of 2000. We
didn't like the original "Broad" (as in female - not
sure of the spelling for that) Do NOT confuse this
with "B" - that just means b__ch. This B-I-T-C-H
helped me with a lot of girls. Brought smiles to their
faces and got them to say thank you when some idiot
called them that. You see? There was no penalty if
someone called a girl a B__ch - nothing ever
happened in my school (Oh yes - they did get the
"Wrath of Judy Decker" if I ever found out about it -
LOL - that was good enough punishment I guess.
Care to hear my lecture? tee-hee).

LYLAS all of you *B*s (BEG) - JuD

From Patty in LA - a real DOLL! (from dollmakers'

ASAP as soon as possible
AYPI? and your point is?
BEG big evil grin
BFN bye for now
BIL Brother in law
BRB be right back
BRBB be right back b*tch
B/F boyfriend
BOB back off b*tch
BTDT been there done that
C&G chuckle and grin
CDIWY couldn't do it without you
CID crying in disgrace
CNP continue in next post
CSG chuckle snicker grin
CYA see ya
CYAL8R see ya later
CUL8R see you later
DH Darling/dumb hubby
DS Darling son
DD darling daughter
DLTBBB don't let the bad bugs bite
EG evil grin
EMSG email message
FAQ frequently asked questions
FIL Father in law
FUBAR f***ed up beyond all recognition
FWIW for what it's worth
FYI for your information
G&Bit grin & bear it
GF girl friend
GFN gone for now
GG gotta go
G2G got to go
GGU2 good game you two
GMBO giggling my butt off
GMTA great minds think alike
GTSY glad to see you
H&K hug and kiss
HAGN have a good night
HAGS have a good summer
HAG1 have a good one
HHIS hanging head in shame
IC I see
IYKWIM if you know what I mean
IGP I gotta pee
ILYFAE I love you forever and ever
ILU4E&E I love you forever and ever
IMO in my opinion
IMHO in my humble opinion
IRL in real life
IWALY I will always love you
JJ Just Joking ~ 1/03~ thanks to
JK just kidding
J/K Just Kidding
JMO just my opinion
JTLYK just to let you know
KIT keep in touch
KMA kiss my a**
KMB kiss my butt
KOTC kiss on the cheek
KOTL kiss on the lips
L8R later
L8R G8R later gator
LHM Lord help me
LHU Lord help us
LMAO laughing my a** off
LMAOPMP laughing my a** off, peeing my pants
LMBO laughing my butt off
LMHO laughing my head off
LOL laughing out loud
LOML light of my life (or love of my life)
LOMLILY light of my life, I love you
LSHMBB laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
LSHMBH laughing so hard my belly hurts
LTNS long time no see
LTS laughing to self
LUWAMH love you with all my heart LY love ya
LYLAB love ya like a brother
LYLAS love ya like a sister
MIL mother in law
NETUA nobody ever tells us anything
NMA not my auction
NOYB none of your business
NOYFB none of your f***ing business
NTA non-technical acronym
OBTW oh, by the way
OIC oh, I see
OF on fire
OK abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
OL old lady (wife, girlfriend)
OM old man (husband, boyfriend)
OTOH on the other hand
OTTOMH off the top of my head
PDS please don't shoot
PM private message
PMJI pardon my jumping in (Another way for PMFJI)
PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
PMP peed my pants
POAHF put on a happy face
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLAPMP rolling on floor laughing and peed my pants
ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOLAY rolling on floor laughing out loud at you
ROFLOLTSDMC rolling on floor laughing out loud tears
streaming down my
ROFLOLWTIME rolling on floor laughing out loud with
tears in my eyes
ROFLOLUTS rolling on floor laughing out loud unable to
ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
RTF read the FAQ
RTFM read the f***ing manual
RTSM read the stupid manual
SETE smiling ear to ear
SHICPMP so happy I could pee my pants
SHID slaps head in disgust
SIL sister in law
SNAFU situation normal, all F***ed up
SO significant other
SOHF sense of humor failure
SPAM stupid persons' advertisement
STBY s**ks to be you
SWAK sealed with a kiss
SWL screaming with laughter
SYS see you soon
TA thanks again
TIA thanks in advance
TIIC the idiots in charge
TMI too much information
TNSTAAFL there's no such thing as a free lunch
TOY thinking of you
TPTB the powers that be
TSDMC tears streaming down my cheeks
TTFN ta ta for now
TTYL talk to you later
TWMA till we meet again
TX thanx
URAQT! you are a cutie!
VBS very big smile
WB welcome back
WRT with respect to
WTF what/who the F***?
WTH what/who the heck?
WTMI way to much information
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
YBS you'll be sorry
YG young gentleman
YL young lady
YM young man
YMMD you've made my day
YMMV your mileage may vary
YWIA you're welcome in advance
*G* giggle or grin
*H* hug
*K* kiss
*S* smile
*T* tickle
*B*.... a B in a good way (see above - girls need this
for defense)

(see you later) (ta ta for now) (continued in next

OK JD (OK Judy)


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