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Re: sculpture - math and science -Tony - Vicki - Madafo too


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 11:10:02 PST

(Madafo - just scroll down to the P.S. Bcc'ing to you)

Greetings Vicki and Tony,

I am so thrilled to see that the ideas I sent to Tony
DO work with kids. Vicki - maybe you could send a wee
bit more about your project? I did send Tony my links
when he first posted. Here is one page:
and here is the other:

Folks...a "Judy vent" right now (so just
delete)....Tony's post is just one more example of an
important topic that got ignored.... Of course I
answered it - but I am not working with high school
kids right now - so I am not familiar with what is the
"Wow" factor with that age group.

This is just for Tony now...

Let me know if you are interested in the bones project
I told you about (at least I think I did - grin)...I
may try that idea myself just to see if it is doable.
I have a long list of art supplies I want to go out
and buy ow---but what to do with my samples? I guess I
could ship my nones to you (smile).
Oh - I would be happy to share my bones with anyone
else who is interested too....I do know that it worked
on a small scale with sixth graders (1996)- and much
larger with high school (1976-79)....I am going to try
a middler lesson (a 2004 idea!).

Thanks Tony - continue to post to the list your needs
- You will get hopefully, you will get
many? Let me know if you have access to animal bones
(or even a human skeleton)....I know that is a "hot"
topic with high school kids. I can give you some ideas
on how to "fill the canvas in a beautiful way" - and
let the kids later discover Georgia O'Keeffe.....It
will be fun to see if anyone discovers "in they style
of" Georgia with out even knowing it (tee-hee - Pam -
I hope you saw this). There is a whole lot of science
in bones....You could fill the whole five weeks
(grin)...bones could be the connecting thread all
through out....I already gave you some "bugs" that
will work. Your job will be to narrow it down, I
guess. I know you want the curriculum in place first -
but what if....What if you said do this prject - OR
try this project? have options using the same
materials? Bones could and bugs could use the same
sculpture materials - so could animals. Give your
instructor some flexibility to put himself/herself
into the lessons? The Art/Science book link Kathy
Douglas posted was a good one! I hope you caught that.

Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
Incredible Art Resources

P.S. Folks Tony IS going to "pay it forward". He is
sending me his curriculum for IAD....along with images
of student work (if possible). That is "Gratitude" I am adding Tony to my list today of folks for
whom I am thankful.
From my new "friend" Victor Ekpuk (a Nigerain artist)
Please take a moment to be grateful.
Click the link below
You are welcome to his Gallery:
Madafo - you would LOVE his work! Victor is helping me
bring the world closer together. All of the Nigerians
I have really "met" ("talked" to) are good people. I
tried talking with the naughty ones last summer - the
ones who wanted my money - but hubby thought I should
stop (grin). After the naughty ones increased I just
deleted them all. I guess they all found my address on
Getty archives 'cause Joan4art and Jdecker4art are
getting requests now, too.

--- wrote:
> Hey Tony,
> I have my students make icosahedrons, I believe you
> can find them somewhere
> on Judy's site (IAD). It involves making (from
> scratch) 20 equilateral
> triangles and gluing them together. Depending on the
> size of your triangles they can
> get big!!
> Vicki

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