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Denise Pannell's Fish Prints - and MORE Fish prints


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 14:10:09 PST

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

I have been meaning to get Denise Pannell's prints
shared....just haven't gotten all of my notes on yet.
(The light blue fish was shared right away)
Spring is a good time to do unit on fish....Kiddies
can do a clean up of a nearby stream....You can draw
live fish in class (kiddies take home the fish
when finished - with parent permission of course).
Goldfish are cheap - the rewards are great. Beta fish
(Fighting Siamese fish) are cool too - but pricey.
Most of the time I did an assortment of fish - one
fish per table in quart jar.

Anyways - here are Denise's print so far:
Only the first one has a larger image. I spent about
an hour trying to decide which ones to use - they were
all wonderful! Too bad the neat border
design doesn't show up in the red/green print (I will
add a larger image for that one soon).

Here is my lesson for X-ray style fish prints (and
other animal prints):
Rats! I never did add the glue relief x-ray fish
prints. Those came out really neat. Done on foam core
board scraps. We made little sculptures out of those
with foil tooled fish on reverse side.

I went a fishing trip for more fish prints (active
links will be added to Denise's lesson - but save
images now as sites change all the time).

Love these! Australian Aboriginal Art Prints
More prints - not all lino/relief - but many are:
Check out all pages on this site - all Aboriginal art!
Prints - painting more!

There are some fish prints - tying in scientific
illustration/natural history

Here is the source that has some African America Fish
prints - printed by Earl Washington.
Don't let the kiddies go hunting here - there are some
naughty images.

I like the prints on this page too:
I don't know anything about the Pangnirtung Community
The chalk stencil prints are interesting too. Chalk
stencil printing is a good lesson for high school --
and easy for younger kids, too. (Ken Schwab
does chalk stencil surrealism with his kids -- funny
thing is - I did that too!)
Same Inuit/Eskimo prints:

Fish Woodcut:

Fish woodcut - O Ward Hunt:

The engravings from the Renaissance are interesting
Dover has a big book of animal engravings
And Medieval:

MC Escher (there are more by Escher)

Here are some very realistic multicolor woodcuts:
Wolfgang Tambour

big eye block print:
Goat Fish:
from Catch of the Day - these are good for middlers.

Those fanciful prints from the 17th century are neat
too (lithographs I believe). Louis Renard (1678 -

From a post by Ellen Sears:

"During the Age of Enlightenment a new interest in
scientific inquiry based on direct observation and
reason. Renard's work is clouded by embellishment,
exaggeration, and outright falsification.... the brief
descriptive remarks are nothing more than
We are asked to believe that the spiny lobster lives
in the mountains, hates snakes, climbs trees, likes to
eat fruit and lays red-spotted blue eggs as large as
those of a pigeon." Or the walking fish - "I kept it
alive for three days in my house; it followed me
everywhere with great familiarity, much lie a little

cheap - calendar

Drawn from the Deep - some cool images
The Fish in Science, Art, and the Imagination

You might also show Paul Klee's Goldfish and Fish
Magic (prints available online).

If you go to any of the poster shops and do a search
for fish - TONS of images will come up for fish
(including many
of Renards).

Happy fishing! "Lure" them into Art and Science.

Judith Decker
Incredible Art Department
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