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Positive Attitudes Work - so does LAUGHTER!


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 10:10:49 PST

Greetings Michelle, Sharon and all!

I have a feeling laughter was/is part of your
classroom activities, too. I decided to break my "New
Rule" - and will make a post that does not have to do
with IAD....

My friend Jeff gave me something else to think about
What is it that causes people to lose their ability to
laugh? and at what age does this occur? All teachers
should have built in one laugh per class period just
to be on the safe side. We do want a healthy America
(smile).....and if kids laugh 400 times a day - why
should parents get all the fun? I would want to hear
some of that laughter, too. Folks - you ARE in the
entertainment business (smile). Now do something
entertaining and LAUGH (just once per class period for
starters). Believe me - you will have your kids
working even harder for you.
And yes - I did do some surfing to see if this was
Lots more - some more "authoritative" links are
Forwarded email from Jeff:

I read that a child laughs 400 times a day on the
average, while an adult laughs only 15 times each day.
Which is puzzling since laughter feels so good and is
so good for us!

You may know the benefits of laughter on the mind and
spirit, but are you aware of how much a good laugh can
help you physically? Nor­man Cousins used to say that
laughter is so bene­ficial for your body that
it is like "inner jog­ging."

Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic Health Letter, March 1993)
reports that laughter aids breathing by disrupting
your normal respiration pattern and in­creasing your
breathing rate. It can even help clear mucus from
your lungs.

Laughter is also good for your heart. It in­creases
circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen and
nutrients to tissues throughout your body.

A good laugh helps your immune system fight off colds,
flu and sinus problems by increas­ing the
concentration of immunoglobulin A in your sa­liva. And
it may help control pain by rais­ing the levels of
certain brain chemicals (endorphins).

Furthermore, it is a natural stress reliever. Have you
ever laughed so hard that you doubled over, fell off
your chair.....You cannot maintain muscle tension when
you are laughing!

The good news is that you are allowed more than 15
laughs a day! Go ahead and double the dose and make it
30 times today. (You may begin to no­tice immediate
improvement in your relationships!) Then double it
again! You are bound to feel better, you will cope
with problems more effectively and people will enjoy
being around you.

Laughter: it's just good medicine!
While all of the other teachers are getting their dose
of laughter in the lounge (you know what I mean) - you
will be getting it ever class period....and will bo so
much happier!

OK......One - Two - three - EVERYONE LAUGH OUT LOUD!
(for your health)....and if you really want to do
something "crazy" - dance a bit, too!...and be
dramatic!...and watch your "ratings" go up. I am
having a wonderful picture in my head right now of a
teacher friend of mine dancing around her room with a
big paper mache pig - trying to get her kids to THINK
("When Pigs Fly") fun creative ideas. I had so much
fun finding images of flying pigs in her honor one
night. BTW - her ratings are all high (5s) AND they
think she is a hard teacher. Being hard is a good
thing! Kids DO want to be challenged.

Judith Decker - Ohio
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