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Ken's figurative doodles


Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 08:40:34 PST

WOW! Those are amazing! How many hours of work are in those, and how
large are they? I truly love every one of them. What a great idea to
use Sgt. Pepper. I'm so happy that kids STILL love Beatle music. ANd
doodles are so much fun. The skill level of your students is mind

I am currently working on a collaborative teaching assignment with a
high school teacher in my school. He had his students come up with a
quote to illustrate. Once their sketch was ready, they came to me to do
5x5 copper etched plates of their sketch that will go on the cover of a
black leatherbound journal that they are making. Once they go back to
him, they are going to do full color versions of their drawings inside
the notebook. From that point on, it will be a sketchbook for each of
them. THese drawings fit what he is going to do with his kids when they
return to him so beautifully! I can't wait to show them to him. In
exchange for my taking his SEVEN US students (Yes, 7!!!!!) he took my
SIXTY third graders for two weeks!!!!!! What a trooper. He's getting a
taste for my normal frenzy, and I have had a taste for his more mature
and calm kids. The main difference I notice is that my kids are openly
enthusiastic and hyper about everything I present to them. The High
School Kids were much "cooler" and had to be won over. Much more
perfectionistic and fearful of making mistakes than my LS kids. But I
managed to break the ice on the third day by having them try to do that
thing where you rotate your ankle in a clockwise direction and try to
draw the number 6 with your hand on the same side of the body as your
foot, and at the same time. Got everybody laughing, and that, I find is
the way to break ice. But their perfectionism is a tough one. I keep
talking to them about balancing "mistakes" by making pattern out of
them, or letting Plan A become Plan B. I told them I was going to hire
a massage therapist for them, lol. Once they found out that they could
remove splotches of misplaced paint pen with sandpaper or lacquer
thinner on a qtip, they relaxed a bit,but still, the metal seemed so
OVERLY PRECIOUS to them. We will finish them this week, and I will hand
them back to Dan. My hectic and louder life will resume. I went over
to watch my kids in his room, and he has come to my room to watch his
kids. When we are finished, we are going to present a Powerpoint of the
experience to US and LS faculty in a meeting. It's been fun to shake
things up. He did a great job with them and enjoyed their freshness.
I'm sure many other US teachers will think he flipped out to do this!
Our Lower School teachers, on the other hand, feel validated!

Linda Woods

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