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Paper Mache - Bottle Dolls - Pringles Cans


From: Judith Decker (jdecker4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 09:50:20 PST

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

Kathy - At last I have a start of the bottle dolls
lesson page on IAD. Thanks for giving me a "reminder".
I will spend more time polishing it up and getting it
linked later.

I picked two images from Kathy Douglas' photo folder
on ArtsEducators' list.

I honestly don't know who came up with the idea first
for a project like this. I saw it first in an Arts and
Activities or School Arts magazine from the 70's. That
project used glass bottles. My former co-worker did
this as a DBAE lesson using Marisol Escobar (and glass
bottles) - for 8th graders (kids had fun kidding her
about all of the liquor bottles). Her students added
arms and legs from old toys (like Barbie dolls) - or
wire (padded with newspapers). They did a tissue paper
as final color layer and added collage features (cut
from magazines). They were a big hit!

Judy's Ramble (using Pringles cans):

My idea was to use Pringles cans/paper mache - with
lift off neck shoulders and head (that were added to
the lids). I wanted students to write their personal
feelings about themselves - a personal story - that
only they knew what it said - and roll up to put
inside the can. I never did the lesson because I
didn't want to take the time to clean out the cans.
Students could make a self portrait - or personal
totem animal sculpture (the totem animal would have
also connected with Egyptian canopic jars). The story
was the most important part (I didn't plan to read
them - unless the student asked me to - just would
have looked to see that it was there). I will add this
to the lesson page....It is a lesson some 8th
graders/middlers need. I just remember writing a short
story about an 8th grade girl when I was in 8th grade.
I wish my language arts teacher never had read it now
(smile). Long story.... It was actually about me! but
my teacher thought it was too depressing and gave me
an F (I had to work my tail off to bring up my grade
that nine weeks - I put my soul into that story and
did not deserve to get an failing grade - just because
she did not like my short story subject - the subject
is all she graded). So you see folks... I have known
for a very long time that I can not write. So your
criticisms of my writing style over this past year
have had little impact on me (smile)...that is why I
never responded to your posts at the time...I don't
even remember who asked now (tee-hee) -- but now you
have your answer - thanks for asking. Sometimes it
just takes me a long time to get around to it --and as
usual, I give you more than you want to know.

Hmmm... I guess the bottles would work too - kids
could put their stories inside the bottle before doing
the paper mache - then no one could see them.

The irony is that I did that same theme of my short
story in art as a ninth grader for a painting lesson
on tints and shades and got an A on that project (same
theme was always part of my college sculptures, too -
all A's). Hope you see this Linda Woods - my answer to
you on the language arts post a while back. Art can do
so much more for kids.


Judith Decker (change 2 to @)
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