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Are you a "No Gum" School?


From: Joan Dark (joandark4art_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 11:16:03 PST

Dear ArtsEdNetters,

Thanks Christine! This is just PERFECT for all who
have "No Gum Chewing Woes".
I had a very cool "NO Gum" chart in my room -- and
never had any trouble with Gum Chewing.

First you have to buy into the Survival Kit:

7. CHEWING GUM - to remind you to stick with it and
you can accomplish anything.

I had a laminated picture made from gum (got it from
Smithsonian) - put the "No" sign (red circle with
line) on top of it - Plus had words for "no gum
chewing in here" around it and what the consequence
would be (an automatic MINOR MISCONDUCT)-- along with
the "We all need Chewing Gum to remind us to stick
with it and we can accomplish anything- Help us out!"
at the top.
Over this I placed a large sheet of acetate (to
protect the poster). If I caught a kid chewing gum -
they stuck it up on the poster (on the acetate) and
wrote their name. I even had kids who I caught in the
hallway come into my room and do it. Told them they
could come in and visit their gum later. Each
trimester I only had a few pieces of gum on it - but
that was enough (new acetate put up each trimester -
with new names added). Kids just quit chewing it. I
did stop them if they started to throw it away when
they came into the room - they had to put it on the

If anyone wants a new version of this chart - let me
know - I will make one this summer and share it.

Why not deal with gum chewing in a way that works? AND
is FUN! I do have to tell all of you that a sculpture
made it into Scholastic years ago that was made from
gum! Maybe have the kiddies shape little animals out
of their gum before they stick it up?

Oh - I also told the kids they couldn't just swallow
it as that would be selfish - Then only they would
have their gum when they were in the art room (if I am
to believe my mother - I still have all of the gum I
swallowed when I was a kid in my belly -- LOL).

No one ever got turned into the office just for gum
chewing - never a need...While when I was at the
Catholic school, many parents had to pay $5.00 - over
and over again (smile). Who was punished there? Which
plan worked better? I will tell you off list how I
dealt with gum chewing there (can't share ALL of my
secrets with the world).... I will also tell you how I
dealt with it when my school had the automatic office
referral rule for gum chewing....That one didn't last
long (too funny!).



--- Christine Besack <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just when you think you have seen it all. Painting
> with chewing gum. One of my students told me he had
> seen something on TV about a guy who paints with
> gum. So I Googled and found this !
> enjoy, Christine Besack :)

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