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Re: Apologies to ALL - Now you know my frustrations


From: Dale (dtsafdie_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 10:36:04 PST

Hello All,

I'm a first year teacher. I've been reading the list (as well as several
others) as time permits since August. I use the archives regularly. These
lists are what have enabled me to survive successfully so far this year. I
posted a few times from August to December, but most of the time I have read
and appreciated the help you all provide. I've seen some of you answer the
same questions over and over in new and archived posts, and I am grateful
for your willingness to share.

Occasionally I have read the vents (like this thread) about taking and
giving, and looking through the archives I see the topic coming up
repeatedly (and what I am writing has probably been said before).

I appreciated Woody's thoughtful words from May 2001 so I am taking the
liberty to repost them. He said:
"Lurkers and Venters,
        Venting is good both for the ventor and the ventee, if it helps do
But take the criticism with a bit of restraint. It's late in the year
and it's a hard time for all of us. As for lurking, it's OK, there is no
rule against it. We teach by example and our example is to give.
If lurkers only take, it's OK because it was given freely. So go ahead and
continue to lurk. If you want to contribute, do so. Expect nothing in
return except the satisfaction that you gave freely. The Bible says to
leave the corners of the fields for the gleaners of the world. So take
what you need we must have left it for you. ---- Woody in KC "

My year has been like a roller coaster-sometimes I feel like everything is
totally together and things fall smoothly into place. At other times I feel
that I am hanging on to a ledge with my fingertips. And when I feel that
way-after a 14 hour day, feel that all creative ideas have withered up in my
brain-I value the advice you all offer. This list and your shared web sites
have kept me going, so that no matter how I feel inside, in my classroom I
am calm and competent, prepared and enthusiastic.

Please remember that there are many circumstances with newbies, and just as
you are all a varied and interesting group, those of us who are quiet should
not be lumped into one category. I am a very reserved person. You have such
a close community, developed over years of communicating, that it has been
very intimidating for me to post. So as time has gone on, I have deferred to
others' much more extensive expertise and experience.

So I want to say thank you to all of you who share your knowledge. You
continue being teachers here outside of the walls of your classroom.

Thanks again -- while I feel like a gleaner now, as I become steadier in my
career, I feel more ready to be a sharer also,
Dale in Tn
Who is a 40-something first-year teacher.returning to art after a circuitous
career journey