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Re: AEN hs rant


From: Larry Seiler (lseiler_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 08:58:49 PST

>happier since I started thinking more along those lines. I think this
>applies to K-Adult.... sometimes even we need that silly, pointless, time
>wasting project.
>Donald Peters

Hey Donald...I felt no toe stepping. Just muse on my part. I wish
sometimes we had the convenience of play pointless time. I think the "leave
no kid behind" thinking of late...the teaching to the test for academics,
and the cutting of programs to make budget has many on edge. Administrators
walking by duing pointless silly times is likely these days to bring poor
evaluations and questions of one's professionalism.

Kids might be kids...but where so many of the kids lack parenting, the
pressure is on for us to help them grow up and take responsibility. It is
unfortunate...isn't it!

My kids have their own ideas of what fun is. It means screwing around...yet
get a decent grade. Laughs a minute. Horseplay. "C'mon, Mr Seiler...can
we just have fun today?" was just asked of me yesterday and the day before
by my 8th graders.

Such questions burden me with kids just not getting it. That art making,
exploration and so forth has value. That it is a form of play, but "serious

Personally...I resent what is creeping into our culture a notion that fun
must incorporate a degree of aimless foolishness. Everytime I watch a video
on Michelangelo and what he was doing at 13 years of age...or that John
Quincy Adams was ambassador of the Unites States in Russia at age 14, and
that we have forgotten most vocabulary he used at that age which would send
us to the dictionary in a hurry...I think something of value has been lost
in this world.

What? Adams never had fun as a child? I'm sure he did.

What of depth? What of foot soldiers in the armies of the Civil War many
just common laborers prior to fighting that quoted Emerson and Whitman?
Perhaps I am just too serious as an artist and musician and am myself unfit
to be a teacher of the arts. I say that not because of what you have said
Donald, but as something I often question myself because foolishness and
silliness abounds and I take the arts serious.

I was a youth pastor for 20 years in several subsequent churches while
working fulltime as well as a painter. I was a frontman in a band for
several years in the big hair 80's that wrote originals with positive
messages, popular in the northern midwest. We knew how to have fun. I have
always had a deep concern and passion for youth. However, always there is
something inside me...deep calling unto deep that there is so much to live
for, to be thankful for that is missing most people. Moments of
lightheartedness is good...sure. I personally think we should routinely
have a moment of silence for all that is good and noble that just feels to
me is slowly eluding and slipping away from our culture and society.

Immediate sensate, drink and be merry for tomorrow, who
gives a rip?

Guess I need to go paint. We have a snow day....need a bit of down time,
crank some on a mural and finish a plein air off I did the
other day.
take care...
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Edgar Degas