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Re: Music in the art room


Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 11:44:39 PST

Here is some info about the Alpha waves and other brain wave stimulation for
the classroom. There is a lot of info out there on Brain based Learning and
music is part of the literature. I just pulled these from some online places:
Music can be a study aid. Scientists have shown that Baroque music at the
special tempo of 60 beats per minute creates the ideal environment for
This music boosts the production of alpha waves on both left and right
hemispheres of the brain. The left side being associated with logical,
rational function, and the right with creativity and spacial skills.
An incredible learning-zone is reached when alpha waves are increased on both
sides of your brain at the same time. The result produces a doubly-amazing
increase in your learning power! This music acts like a hair-trigger in
setting this off.
Elevating your brain’s production of alpha waves invokes a charming,
daydream-like mental state that soothes your mind and focuses your intellect.
One remedial teacher commented on this miraculous music: "It seems to slow
them down so they can really think."
Studies have also shown that higher production of alpha waves increase your
creativity, making projects, assignments and other tasks much easier to
complete. It can transform work into play because your lower stress levels
give you extra freedom to think more clearly and effectively!
Music can slow down & equalize brain waves: Our brain waves vibrate at
different speeds during different activities. The slower the brain waves, the
more relaxed and peaceful we feel. Beta waves vibrate from 14-20 hertz. Beta
waves occur when we have strong negative emotions, or when we focus on daily
activities. Alpha waves cycle from 8 to 13 hertz during which we can have
heightened awareness and calm. Theta waves cycle from 4-7 hertz and occur
during periods of creativity, meditation, and sleep. Delta waves range from
.5-3 hertz. Our brain produces this speed wave when we are in a deep sleep or
meditation.   It has been found that music of about 60 beats per minute
(certain Baroque and New Age music) can change brain waves from the beta to
the alpha range, enhancing alertness and well being. Droning drumming has
been found to shift a person into the theta range. It has been found that
playing music at home, in the office, or in school can help to focus a
person. If you are daydreaming or unfocused, a little Mozart or Baroque
background music for ten to fifteen minutes can help to make you more aware
and increase your mental organization.
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