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Re: Fundraiser ideas that work


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 06:39:29 PST

Hi Jan,

I decided to reply to the whole list....I have had great success with my Empty Bowl project ( ). Mine was to raise money for the food bank. Students pressed leaves into the clay - gently rolled over with rolling pin - cut out about an 8" circle or irregular organic shape - turned clay over and textured the back side with lace/ texture stamps/gadgets (whatever they chose). These were draped over plaster humps cast from styrofoam bowls (leave the leaves in the clay). The next day the clay was leather hard. Bowls were removed from hump and edges smoothed with a damp sponge. After bisque firing, the leaves textures on the inside were stained with underglazes and glazed with clear glaze. The back side of the bowl was glazed in a color to match the leaves. My students liked the cool color combinations the best (even though fall leaves are warm colors). We had $5.00 as a minimum bid. I bought one myself so I would have an example for our school art show - The board member selected it as her favorite item from my middle school art.

If your bowls don't sell for the auction - you can offer them to teachers in your building - having them bid on them during their lunch periods or after school. Many of my students' parents bought their child's bowl.
(I had students make two bowls - one was always more detailed and hareder to make. I did different things as the second project. TWo years, it was an effigy vessel. They got to keep the second bowl).

The reason your headboard didn't sell is because that is a more difficult piece of furniture to use -- one would have to buy the mattress supports and foot board -- and a mattress to go with it. If you want to go with furniture items -- try painted chairs. Go around to garage sales over the summer and pick up a few real cheap. Or check in your school storage - they might have some old wooden classroom chairs that would go great in a child's bedroom.

Michal Austin a great success with a quilt project.

Cheer up -- Put the head board in storage and try auctioning it again next year.

I guess there is a need for a section on my site on fundraiser ideas.... I will get working on that. I thought the "Chair -ity" auction idea was cute....Students made small chairs out of clay (I think) and decorated them in a style of an artist of their choice. I think those would sell well. You could make small plaster addition chairs using card board as an armature - paint in choice of artists' style. Linda Wood's students made super paper mache chairs (but those might be too big for you to store).

Judy Decker
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  From: Hillmer, Jan
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  I am crushed. The school fundraiser - a silent auction- was last weekend, and the item I helped the 2nd thru 5th create - a painted headboard- didn't sell. To compound matters, the gal who teachers art to the preK - 1st grade sold her bookcase for a huge amount. She's gloating and I feel like I don't fit. So, suggestions for next year? I guess I could figure out her 'formula'. This is a very well off community, and it's kinda prestigious to have stuff sell.... It's a lousy measure of my worth, but the other teacher thrives on this kinda stuff, and I feel it. Last year and this year I tried to do something new and different, and both times this happened. So, ideas for next year ? SHould I continue to stick my head out on a limb and do something different or.... do a project like everybody else?