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Craft Conference this summer


Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 11:11:08 PST

A super crafts conference in the works at Longwood C.FUSION 2002: A SOLSTICE

ABI (Arts Business Institute), ACC-SE (American Crafts Council-Southeast
Region) and AVA (Association of Virginia Artisans) are hosting a
conference at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia June 19-23, 2002.
This year’s solstice conference is unique since three major nonprofit
organizations are joining together to create a true fusion of craft
artistry, skills, knowledge and opportunities. ABI (formerly Crafts
Business Institute) normally hosts its annual craft business workshops,
seminars and retreats in Baltimore, but has piggybacked its offerings
into this conference giving conferees a great choice of attending ABI
events, ACC-SE/AVA events or both. The ACC-SE/AVA portion will overlap
the ABI sessions with a dance featuring the hot, eclectic Richmond band
called the Ululating Mummies, the keynote address delivered by Joyce
Scott and presentations by Bruce Baker and Wendy Rosen the next morning.
This “double conference” will assist craftspeople with the ultimate
fusion of the various ingredients necessary for a successful career in
the crafts beginning with how to design, create, publicize, educate,
exhibit, market, network and even prevent or treat many physical ailments
like carpal tunnel associated with the repetitive movements of craft
making. Conferees will enjoy not only the educational aspects of the
conference, but the camaraderie, networking, philosophical, aesthetic and
spiritual involvement that can only be experienced by such a
multi-faceted, multi-media crafts conference. Academic credit is
available through Longwood College at an additional expense. For more
information, contact Cashiering at 434-395-2274.
ACC-SE is an eleven state regional organization from Virginia to Kentucky
and Florida to Louisiana; created by the American Craft Council who
continues to give us support. Its purpose is to showcase southeastern
artists through exhibitions, and educate by networking artists, art
organizations and institutions through conferences, which are open to
everyone. AVA is the statewide crafts organization of Virginia and will
feature a special exhibition of their members’ work. In addition, the
Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA), will be hosting the noted
“Spotlight 2002” crafts exhibition, juried by Wendy Rosen. On Thursday
night, one presentation will feature slides of conferees’ work so anyone
attending can have the entire conference view their work.

SCHEDULE: (All events in Bedford Building, Longwood College unless noted)

Wednesday, June 19:
4-6pm---“AVA Members Exhibition” opening
7:30-9pm---“Workshop Leaders Introduction”
9-10pm social

Thursday, June 20:
8:30-9am---introductions and announcements Vina Schemer)
9-12 noon---workshops (see list of ACC-SE workshop choices)
1-4pm---workshops (see list of ACC-SE workshop choices)
4-5:30pm---editors’ panel discussion (Robert Liu, moderator)
5:30-7:30pm---“Spotlight 2002” opening (LCVA)
7:30-8:30pm---dinner (LCVA)
9-10:30pm---“Three Minutes of Fame or Maybe Two Minutes” (Michele Tuegel)

Friday, June 21:
9-12 noon---workshops (see list of ACC-SE workshop choices)
1-4:00pm---workshops (see list of ACC-SE workshop choices)
3:30-4:30pm---registration ABI conference presentation (Martin Rome)
4:30-6pm---panel discussion (Ruth Summers, moderator)
7-8:30pm---dinner with keynote speaker J. Scott (train station)
8:30-11:30pm---dance (Farmville train station)

Saturday, June 22:
8:30-9:30am---registration ABI conference
9:30-10am---opening remarks (Wendy Rosen)
10-11:15am---"Be a Dynamic Craft Seller" - Bruce Baker
11:30-1pm---AVA Annual Membership Meeting and lunch (dining hall)
11:30-1pm---ACC-SE board meeting and lunch (dining hall)
11:30-12:45pm---LUNCH with ABI tabletop discussions (dining hall)
1:00-5pm---self-guided tours for those not attending ABI events
1:00-5:00pm---ABI BREAKOUT SESSIONS (see choices below)
5:30-6:30pm---dinner (dining hall)

Sunday, June 23:
7:30-8:30---breakfast (dining hall).
9:00-11:00am---ABI BREAKOUT SESSIONS (see choices below)
11:00 - 11:50am---closing remarks by Wendy Rosen
12-1pm---lunch (dining hall---box lunch available if check box on
registration form)

Most conferees will stay in residence halls on campus, close to events.
However, if so, you are required to use the college meal plan, which is
best since many meals will be fixed or delivered to the conference site
for expediency, convenience and camaraderie. The conference schedule
does not allow sufficient time for off campus eating. We will assign
roommates at random unless you specify a roommate (gender and smoking
preferences are considerations). Alternatives include the Days Inn,
(about five minutes away) where a block of rooms are reserved until May
19, at $54.50 per night including tax. If you are seeking roommate
assistance, call Janet McQueen 434-395-2284 or (
Otherwise, contact Dennis at 434-392-6611 at Days Inn.

If you would like to be picked up at the Richmond airport or train
station, and returned to the same, there will be a $30 round trip van
charge (door-to-door).

CONFERENCE TEE-SHIRTS: We are having special 100% cotton tee-shirts
printed to celebrate this special solstice event which have a logo
similar to the cover design of this brochure, but with additional stars
and rays to celebrate the fusion of organizations and stars of the craft
world. These must be ordered before June 1, since very few will be
available for sale at the conference. Order on the registration form and
if not satisfied with the design, you can refuse acceptance and receive a
full refund.

For conferees not attending ABI sessions, carpools will be encouraged and
organized for the self-guided tours on Saturday afternoon. Possibilities
include: High Bridge (an impressive, historic Civil War era rail
bridge), Gemini Industries (metalworks), Green Front Furniture (a
shopper’s Heaven?), Yogaville, Virginia Museum (Richmond), etc. In
addition, there are many tourist places within one to three hours drive
such as Virginia Beach (3 hours), Monticello (1 hour), Appomattox (1/2
hour), Williamsburg (1 ½ hours), Washington, DC (2 ½ hours), etc.

Arts Business Institute:
Association of Virginia Artisans:
American Crafts Council:
American Crafts Council-Southeast:

Workshop Choices (Thurs & Fri 9am-noon & 1-4pm) and Leaders:

Carole Mauge-Lewis—“Basic Web-Site Design”---On day one, you will prepare
images for the web site and on day two, you will design your web site.
Participants should bring at least 6 images to be scanned in (no slides
please, CD images are okay) and a 100 mb zip disk. A professional graphic
designer and associate professor of art, Mauge-Lewis heads up the graphic
design program at Kennesaw State University in Georgia and is also the
principal of her freelance graphic design studio, C.M Graphics
specializing in print and web design. She earned her MFA from Howard

Sergei Isupov---“Porcelain Sculpture” (Thursday only). Sergei, a ceramic
artist from Richmond, Virginia will demonstrate building, drawing and
painting on porcelain figural sculpture. He emigrated from Estonia in
1993 and exhibits extensively throughout the US. Through his work, he
explores psychological relationships by portraying two and
three-dimensional human figures and animals.

Ed Lambert---“Doing it with Dye (and Pigment)”---This will be a hands on
workshop in which participants will experiment with differences between
dyes (reactive) and pigments, then direct dyeing, mono-prints and tie-dye
to create small fabric pieces that can be used as pieces of art or simple
fabrics used in piecing for quilts or collages. A beginner level
workshop, the outcome will be dependent on individual creativity. Ed has
taught at schools and workshops throughout the US, is currently a
Professor of Art at the University of Georgia and an instructor at
Arrowmont School of Crafts for 23 years.

Pier Voulkos---“The Amazing Invisible Cane”---On day one, you will learn
caning tricks using the metallic gold “Premo” clay, a wonderfully tactile
and malleable translucent polymer clay body in which mica particles are
included to add shine and glimmer. The fun is learning to organize these
minute mica grains in the clay to make interesting invisible patterns.
The magic is revealed when thin slices of these subtle canes are layered
on sheets of clay, then rolled and stretched through the pasta machine to
reveal the amazing chatoyant patterns with incredible 3D depth. This is
a basic introductory process class and will concentrate on sample making
and learning to manage this fun material. There is a $20 studio fee for
this class whether you take one or both days and will be limited to the
first 18 participants. “Bead Making with the Amazing Invisible
Cane”---Day two, is a continuation of the previous day but designed to
shake up your thinking about bead making. You will explore tube beads
made on double pointed knitting needles, which can be baked straight or
curved, then sculptural beads can be built around this curved finished
hole. Starting with the hole it becomes making a bead in reverse. The
class will also cover veneer beads, carved beads and constructing beads
from baked sheets of clay. Pier Voulkos received her BFA in ceramics from
the California College of Arts and Crafts and has been a leader, teacher
and innovator in the polymer clay world since the early 80’s. Her unique
jewelry is exhibited nationally, included in several prominent national
museum collections and featured in several craft publications including
American Craft, Metalsmith and Ornament.

J.P.“Happy the Artist” Kuhn---“Mural Painting Techniques”---This is a
hands on workshop where participants will paint a large mural and have a
great time, guaranteed. Happy has splashed, dripped and painted his way
across the world from New York to Hawaii, Brazil to Canada and on
world-wide television. Happy began his professional art career at age
fifteen as a quick sketch artist on TV, studied at Maryland Art Institute
and has traveled the country extensively freelancing in illustration,
model-making, set design, poster campaigns, logo designs, painting murals
(including a 4,000 square foot one), designing logos, packages and
exhibits. In recent years he has become known for his "lawn paintings"
which add a new and unique dimension to landscapes. His work, which he
calls "play" has drawn the attention, compliments and personal responses
from notable figures like Ted Kennedy, George Bush, Gerald Ford, Maury
Povitch, Mickey Mantle, Sam Irving, Arlo Guthrie and many others.
Richmond PBS station channel 23, recently featured a 30 minute special on
his work ( $10 studio fee.

Robert Ebendorf---“Spoons With an Attitude”---This hands-on workshop will
be a two day investigation of creative design thinking, using mixed
media, found materials, and metal (copper, brass, silver.) making fun and
creative spoons. There will be slides and discussions related to the
project, demonstrations on silver fusing (bring lots of scrap silver), as
well as plenty of time for independent discussion about personal work. We
will make spoons by using construction, cold connection and forming.
Each person must bring 5 different spoons made out of any materials (they
will not be used and are only for inspiration). Also bring found objects
that can be taken apart, bones, twigs, sea shells, nature forms, copper,
brass and or iron wire (whatever you have!), scrap silver, 20 gauge
sterling sheet, 20 gauge copper sheet, two rolls of pennies from the
bank, old forks, any other sheet copper, brass or silver (bring what you
can), etc. Some tools will be available but try to bring files, hand
pliers, saw frame, saw blades, wire cutters, rivet hammer, drill bits,
solder (easy, medium and hard), flux. Robert is currently the Belk
Distinguished Chair at East Carolina University teaching in the metals
and design programs. A founding member of the Society of North American
Goldsmiths, his work is included in many museums, public and private
collections. His 35-year teaching career includes 22 years at SUNY New
Paltz, NY, plus conducting numerous national and international workshops.
Come to have fun and be creative!

John McQueen---“Something from Nothing: Remaking a Common
Object”---Participants will choose an object found on their person or in
the immediate environment. They will remake that object giving it a new
and broader meaning through physical change. The hands on activity will
center around the ideas of multiple and scale change through mold making
and linear construction fibers/baskets. After graduating from Tyler
School of Art, John McQueen has been a studio artist working within the
discipline of basketmaking. His work asks the question, "What in the
world is not a container?"

Marianne Weinberg-Benson---“Brick Carving”---This will be a hands on
experience in the joys of carving bricks. You may create a simple
bas-relief sculpture or a three dimensional piece. Participants may
attend one session or many and are encouraged to bring a knife and any
available dental tools, although some tools will be furnished. Marianne
Weinberg-Benson is an internationally know artist with a MFA from the
University of Georgia, who has been showing her work for over thirty
years and has been creating community based sculptures for more than a
decade. Ms. Weinberg-Benson is a professional sculptor with extensive
experience in the execution of permanent monumental public art projects.
She specializes in both realistic bas-relief carved brick sculptures and
abstract and representational ceramic and glass mosaics. (small studio

Ron Meyers---“MAKING STUFF On the Potter’s Wheel”. On day one of this
workshop, Ron will demonstrate his style of throwing and altering a
variety of useful forms such as platters, jar and teapots. Day two will
include trimming and reconstructing work created the previous day. In
addition, there will be discussion about possible surface enrichment
using additive and reductive techniques as well as using slips, colored
underglazes and stains.

Mark Peiser---“Looking for Meaning in Glass”--- Mark Peiser, a nationally
known glass artist, has operated a personal glass studio near Penland, NC
since 1967. His sessions will include an overview of his work,
experiences and discussions on looking for meaning in glass.

Richard Rossiter---“Help More, Hurt Less: High-powered techniques that
allow you to get more done with less wear on your body)”---This workshop
teaches fast and effective manipulation techniques that target repetitive
motion injuries (RMIs) without harming the caregiver. These techniques
for carpal tunnel syndrome; neck and shoulder pain; knee pain; and
chronic low back pain; have been used by American factories for over a
decade to reduce worker compensation costs. The first of its kind
designed for bodyworkers, the workshop teaches a comprehensive series of
basic partner stretching techniques, in an interactive, visual, and
hands-on environment. Richard Rossiter, CAR Instructor, has a video and
cataloged web site of all of the techniques you'll be learning
( Supervised and working in pairs, you'll learn to
organize connective tissue with a foot, while a client performs a series
of powerful stretches, clothed, on a mat. You'll experience tools as both
coach and client, and have frequent opportunities to practice to obtain
immediate feedback.

Garry Knox Bennett---“Lamp Making”---Garry Knox Bennett, an
internationally recognized furniture maker, is known for his eclectic
approach to his work with furniture as well as clocks, lamps, and
jewelry. Represented in many museums and private collections, a book on
his work and a retrospective spanning 25 years was just completed (see His workshop will cover the necessary
electrical and technical skills needed to produce a functional lamp. He
will do an "al-fresco" demonstration of lamp making, exploring the use of
a variety of non-traditional materials including found objects, which
should open the door to the myriad of possibilities available when
dealing with functional work. Discussion, demonstrations and slides will
be included. Bring a sense of humor and a few, small odd items for Garry
to use or incorporate in a lamp for the auction! Garry has taught and
lectured extensively in Australia, Canada, UK and the US.

Mark Baldridge---“Design in Crafts”. A design fanatic who has been
involved in making crafts for over 30 years, he believes most craft/art
work is too simple, boring, disorganized and contains too many
inconsistencies. Baldridge has distilled design down to a few simple
guidelines and goals, an elementary 1,2,3 approach involving the elements
and principles, and believes most craft artists could double or triple
the quality and impact of their work by utilizing these suggestions.
Participants will create two cut paper projects the first day as they
employ his suggestions, and then utilize this knowledge the second day as
they incorporate these ideas into designs for their specific media. Much
individual and group evaluation and interaction will be involved.

PANEL DISCUSSION (Thursday) “What Craft Magazine Editors Want and How You
Can Give it to Them”; Moderator, Robert K. Liu, Ph.D., Co-editor of
Ornament, is a former biomedical scientist who has been writing in the
field of personal adornment for over 25 years. He is also a self-taught
photographer and jeweler. Each editor will briefly define their
magazine, describe any unique qualities of their magazine, a brief
assessment of the field and what they are looking for in terms of
coverage or submission, then entertain questions from the audience;
panelists include Lois Moran, Editor and Publisher of American Craft;
Sunita Patterson, Editor of Fiberarts; Kim Nagorski, Associate Editor of
Ceramics Monthly; Tim Schreiner, Editor in Chief of Fine Woodworking;
Noelle Backer, Editor of Crafts Report; Wendy Rosen, Publisher of Niche
and American Style magazines. Attendees will receive free copies of each

PANEL DISCUSSION (Friday) “Skating on Thin Ice: Staying on Top in the
Moderator, Ruth Summers, Director of Southern Highland Craft Guild has
been in nonprofit and private sector arts administration for 32 years.
She is a frequent panelist and speaker at conferences and serves as a
juror for regional and national organizations.
Panelists include Robert Ebendorf, John McQueen and Garry Knox Bennett.

PRESENTATION (Friday) “; A Case Study in Selling Arts and
Crafts on the Internet”---Martin J. Rome, Vice President for Strategic
Communications, will present the story. Experience Works, the
largest nonprofit in the nation offering training and employment to
seniors, launched in 2001 to help senior artisans and crafters
supplement their incomes. Participants in the session will get a
behind-the-scenes look at the creation, evolution and future plans for They'll see what's worked, what hasn't, and learn about one
of the largest sites dedicated to arts and crafts, and discover the
future of selling arts and crafts on the Internet.

SLIDE PRESENTATION “Three Minutes of Fame (Or Maybe Two Minutes)”,
Michele Tuegel, Executive Director of Florida Craftsmen is happily
organizing this golden opportunity where all conferees and workshop
leaders are invited to bring 10 slides to share with the group in an
evening of casual “show and tell”. These can be images of your artwork,
your studio, or simply things that inspire you. Slides should be labeled
and dropped off at the conference registration table when you arrive, and
will be shown in the order they are received. Depending on how many are
willing to bare your souls/participate, each will be limited to a few
minutes of fame---verbally and visually---and the cowbell will let you
know when your time is up!!! A relaxing, wind-down visual retreat to end
a busy day. Please check the box on the registration form if you plan on
participating so we can anticipate our need for 10 carousels or 100!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: “Propelled into 2002, it’s Now or Never---the
Relentless New Artwork of Joyce Scott; Agitate, Agitate, Agitate”---Our
mistress of ceremonies, back by popular demand, is an acclaimed visual
and performing artist who has traveled, exhibited, performed and lectured
internationally. Joyce Scott, recipient of the 1995 Louis Comfort
Tiffany Award, speaks about her life, her growth and her relentless
pursuit of new artwork, as she is thrust into 2002; a blessing or curse?

ABI BREAKOUT SESSIONS (Sat 1-5pm, Sun 9-11am); Topic Choices:
From Layout to Lighting: Effective Booth Design, Do's and don'ts for your
real estate at shows

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: Credit and collection policies to keep your
business in the green

More Time in the Studio, Less Time on the Road: How to wholesale your
work - and why

Conquering the Unavoidable: Paperwork, accounting and taxes

Profitable Partnerships with Galleries: You're in this together; how to
make it work for both of you

Cyber-selling: Marketing and making money on the Internet

Don't Sell Yourself Short: Pricing your work profitably

Contracts and Other Legalese for Artists: Also: trademark, copyright and
intellectual property rights

How to Get Yourself on the Front Page: Promotion, publicity and
advertising techniques

Who is Your Customer? Using demographics to target sales

Charging Ahead with Sales: Everything you need to know about accepting
credit cards

Impulse Buying: Point of purchase display materials that sell

An Image Only a Jury Could Love: Photography, slides and the jury process

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Trends in the arts and crafts marketplace


Bruce Baker is a well-known facilitator of craft workshops. Bruce has
conducted over 300 workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada. Bruce owns
Middlebury Jewelry and Design and Sweet Cecily crafts stores in Vermont
has sold his work to more than 120 shops, galleries and catalogs.

Charles Geser was the comptroller of the Maryland Institute College of
Art for many years, and has been practicing in public accounting for more
than twenty. He is currently a partner in the firm of Finklstein & Geser
LLC, representing mainly family-owned businesses with a focus on arts and
crafts studios. He has lectured at ABI/CBI workshops for the past nine

William T. Lasley is the owner of an online marketing and e-commerce
consulting firm providing a wide range of web-based services to companies
both large and small. With his mother, he is co-owner of Klassic
Spirits, a craft studio and gallery specializing in smashed can art.
William is also the site editor for’s very robust Arts & Crafts
Business guide site. He spends the majority of his time helping working
craftspeople worldwide learn how to properly sell online.

Nancy Markoe was named the Top Retailer in 2001 for her large Nancy
Markoe Fine American Crafts gallery, selling work of artists throughout
the country. The gallery began as a small shop founded in 1986 to sell
pots she has been creating since the 1970’s.

Guy McDonald has a technical background in computers; and management,
sales and customer service consulting to medium and large-scale
organizations. He pioneered credit card processing in a wireless
environment, and is responsible for forming the association that allows
thousands of artists to establish merchant status at very favorable rates
with card processing banks without having a storefront.

Steve Rosen started his office furniture business, Mark Downs, in 1978,
and presently manages his firm’s two to three hundred thousand dollars in
accounts receivable using policies and procedures he designed himself.
He is a graduate of the National Association of Credit Managers and the
Dunn & Bradstreet Collection courses. Steve has been teaching credit and
collection techniques to artists since 1981.

Wendy Rosen, president of The Rosen Group, has been a major force in
developing American crafts into an industry. Producer of the Buyers
Market of American Craft, publisher of AmericanStyle and NICHE magazines,
and author of Crafting as a Business. Wendy has spent 20 years teaching
artists how to market and develop their work into a solid business.

Milon Townsend is a flame working glass artist with 30 years of
experience, from retail shows to solo exhibitions in fine galleries. An
educator, too, he is the author of several books, including his new one,
Making and Marketing Better Artwork.

Alisha Vincent as the exhibitor representative for the mixed media,
furniture and wall art portions of the Buyers Market of American Craft,
Alisha reviews artist portfolios and counsels craftspeople in every stage
of their career. She regularly lectures at Maryland Institute College of
Art and the Craft Business Institute (now ABI) on wholesaling, public
relations for craft businesses, and trade show booth design. Alisha holds
a BA degree in fiber and art history from Maryland Institute College of

REGISTRATION FORM (check all appropriate boxes and return to Mark
Baldridge, Art Department, Longwood College, 201 High Street, Farmville,
VA 23909. For questions, e-mail or call
804-794-7235). The conference has limited facilities so when maximum
enrollment is reached, registration will be closed, first come, first

___Registration Fee, Total Conference (both ACC-SE/AVA and ABI
___Registration Fee, ACC-SE/AVA events only (Wed. 4pm until Sat.
___Registration Fee, ACC-SE/AVA events only STUDENT
      (must be full time art student, include xerox of most recent
transcripts & student ID)
___Registration Fee, ABI events only (Fri. 7pm until Sun. noon)-----
___Registration Fee, Thursday only (includes Thurs. meals, no member
___Registration Fee, Friday only (includes Fri. meals and dance, no
***No one-day rate for Saturday or Sunday
___AVA or ACC member discount (must include proof of membership, discount
is only available on total conference fee or 2 1/2 day ACC-SE/AVA
___PLEASE NOTE: if you would like to join AVA or ACC to qualify for this
discount, include appropriate fee: $40 for AVA or $40 for ACC.

___Housing Fee, Total Conference (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat
___Housing Fee, ACC-SE/AVA events (Wed. Thurs, Fri, Sat
___Housing Fee, ACC-SE/AVA events (Wed, Thurs, Fri nights only)---
___Housing Fee, ABI events only (Fri & Sat nights

If you are staying in the residence halls, you must sign up for the meal
___Meals, Total Conference (Wed dinner through Sun
___Meals, ACC-SE/AVA events (Wed dinner through Sat
___Meals, ACC-SE/AVA events (Wed dinner through Fri
___Meals, ABI events (Fri dinner through Sun

___Studio Fee: Polymer clay
___Studio Fee: Mural painting
___Studio Fee: Fabrics
___Studio Fee: Many workshops are free but others may require a small

___Tee-Shirts: circle color and size preferences, indicate quantity,
purple lettering on white or white lettering on purple; s, m,l,x-l;
___Transportation Fee: If you would like door-to-door van service from
the Richmond airport or train station to the conference, round
(include flight or train

Room rates are based on double occupancy in residence halls; if you have
a room mate preference, please list
___Check this box if you would like to be notified in the event single
rooms become available at an additional price
___I am male
___I am female

___Check this box if you would like to have your slides shown in the
Thurs. night. “Three Minutes of Fame” slide show so we know how many
carousels to prepare.
___Check this box if you are paying for Sunday lunch yet would like to
have a box lunch prepared for you instead of eating in the dining hall,
so you can take it with you.
___Check this box if you are interested in the Early Bird Bonus Session,
for a free private consultation during the conference about improving the
marketability of your work (limited availability on a first come, first
served basis for early registrants)
Your name:______________________________________________________________
Method of Payment:
___Check ____Visa ___Mastercard
___Card No.__________________________________Exp:____________

ABI has a few scholarships available for conferees that qualify, contact
ABI for additional information and requirements at:

CANCELLATION POLICY---Registration fees less a $50 service charge will be
refunded if cancellation is received in writing on or before April 15th.
After April 15th, fifty percent of the fees will be forfeited, with a
credit certificate issued redeemable toward future ABI, ACC-SE
conferences, retreats or workshops.

return address: Fusion 2002, Art Department, Longwood College, 201 High
Street, Farmville, Virginia 23909