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Re: Challenge: Miami Conference


Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 05:14:18 PST


If you are studying character education you may want to get hold of a copy
of "Drawing on Character" from Crayola. This is last years Dream-Makers
Guide and content is all about character education. Go to then
to the educators page. Click on Dream-makers and you can access it
on-line. If you want you can purchase a copy at a minimal fee. This
year's guide is "Weaving What We Are" and this program also has character
education standards based lessons as part of the program. Hope this helps.


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>I have a challenge for all of you who were fortunate
>enough to be able to attend this year's conference
>(I wanted to desperately, but I am looking at
>a possible hourly cut that equals appx. $500 take
>home pay per month). I would love it if everyone who
>attended would share just one wonderful
>lesson, idea, product, etc. Thanks! :-)

 The conference was great...unfortunatly, I didn't
make the breakfast but it was great meeting some of
 I just received a grant for combining character
education with art education and this workshop focused
on teaching character education through art. So it
really was helpful. She emphasized using art criticism
as a method to teach character ed..using great works
of art as a starting point. She had a wonderful
thematic unit using Norman Rockwell.
 Craig Roland presented his online professional
development course which is being offered by Davis
Publications called "Teaching Art Online". It sounded
great! Convinced me to take it (can also take it for
credit). The next session starts in the summer. Check
it out.
  Definitly purchase Bunki and Carolyn's Oodles of
Ideas #3..well worth it...their workshop was packed
full of ideas. (and I'm elementary..and the ideas can
definitly be adapted)
  THere was so many wonderful things in the vending
area..when I was at the Sax booth (thanks, Judy!)they
were talking with a person that was selling a product
that I hope they get! It was a tool used for
cutting..exactly like an exacto knife..cut real smooth
and very easily..but the best part is that it was
impossible to cut skin with it. He demonstrated by
cutting across his hand and all that happened was a
mark on his skin as if he was using a marker..which
washed right off. Amazing. I hope they purchase it..I
want them! Corvel also had computer area set up for
mini lessons on using wacom/graphire2 pen. It was alot
of fun..I actually learned alot about it. If you don't
have this, they really are great! (I convinced my
school to purchase 6). I could go on and on...
  I'm off to Amsterdam to visit my daughter for spring
break! She's at University of AMsterdam for her
sophomore year of college. I'm SO exicited! :-)
   Jan in Miami

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