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jet lagged with ideas...or... Ode to Miami...long post


From: Bunki Kramer (bkramer_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 08:28:59 PST

from: Bunki Kramer (
Los Cerros Middle School
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Danville, CA 94526
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 BTW - seems all the "chatty" list members must be in Miami...~Michal
If you think our "chatty" members are big talkers on the listserv, you
should have heard them in Miami when we got together several times during
the conference. I found myself just sitting back and listening 'cause I
couldn't get a word in sideways! I learned a whole lot more about them than
they did me. Always extremely interesting to put a face to a cyper friend.
Seems you know them so well in the "brain and personality" area from their
postings and then you put a body to that previously known "b-p" and it's a
kick. Thanks, Judy from SAX for helping us put those things together with
your nametags. Without them we would have been bumping into each other and
never knowing it.

Judy's SAX had their booth right at the front door as you walked into the
exhibit this year. Perfect location and great "idea" presentations. It was
one of the few times this year I really used my camera so I wouldn't forget.
Walked by Marty's booth several times and she was always sooooo busy with
customers that I didn't get a chance to visit with her. Saw Rosie at her
booth and she introduced me to the new laser/heat pen that attaches metal
foil to anything you want. (I'm thinking here of stamping illuminated
letters and filling the small areas with gold foil). Check into this,

Saw the tiniest potter's wheel that is being sold now for around $75
(non-show price) and made a little pot about 3/4" high. You use about 1/2
thumb size lump of clay. I FINALLY threw my first perfect pot!!!

For all those shrinky-dink pooh-poohers, one of the most popular booth demos
was Colorific Gel Markers on black Grafix shrink plastic at the United Art
Supply booth. Every time I went by their booth, the work area was at least
4-layers thick of people waiting to make something.

Saw the new "glue" you can use to attach posters/artwork to walls. It really
works. I'll get the name when I finished unpacking.

There's a new video out showing many ways to do mobiles with students. I
didn't see it but it exists. I'm going to check into it more thoroughly and
will let you know what I find.

Rumor has it that last year's NAEA in NYC was 5,000 strong and this year's
NAEA in Miami was around 2500. There was less elevator traffic and less
shoving at the exhibits which was a nice change. BTW...most things in Miami
go at a much SLOWER speed than NYC...including the waiters.

I was less pleased in the selections of presentations available this year
and found the selections at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets more
to my liking. My priorities shifted this year...ha...shifted to the hips.

We all should be proud of our own Ken Schwab who drew in fantastic crowds to
his two presentations. An enthusiastic presenter who SHOULD be doing some
workshops next year too. I think he's already working on at least one in his
mind as I type this. Got to meet his wife for the first time who is cute as
a button. I can't imagine one without the other after meeting her.

Workshops were for the most part excellent. I know it's hard to select them
via a committee of unknowns but I really wish the committee would
"listen/read" the previous comments made of certain presenters and adjust
their selections for the next year. For I went to I found out
later had a really bad presenter-reputation and that shouldn't have
happened. It was a terrible workshop for that reason. Some people walked out
simply because of the presenter's attitude. It hasn't been the first time OR
the second time. There needs to be a better way of dealing with this.

The rest of the selected workshops I attended were good and most were
excellent. I still haven't completely emptied my suitcase yet and when I do,
I'll share what I learned. I've got MUCH to share with you all.

Was up at 3:00 this morning ready to go to my breakfast buffet and first
presentation of the day. Jet lag is getting harder and harder the older I
get. Three-hour time changes do me in...and the 8 hr. plane trips aren't
candy either! BUT....oh, the trip was worth it! Toodles.....Bunki