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Re: artsednet digest: March 25, 2002


Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 04:16:15 PST

Carmela Rago
4518 North Bernard
Chicago, Illinois
cell: 773-592-9931

March 20, 2002

Dear David Thieman

I have been at Sieden Prairie Elementary School in Matteson, Illinois. Enclosed
is my resume

I have credentialed and demonstrated expertise in my area, a Masterís degree and
experience mentoring student teachers. In addition I have bulleted the
areas for you information:

* I have taught graduate level art education classes at The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago (Art Education in Society),

* I have served as a co-teacher in a weekly seminar for art education students
for the last several years at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

* I have been teaching since 1992 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
in their famed Studios Program, in Chicago Public Schools between 1993 and
1999, in a Suburban District (District 214), and at assorted summer programs
including programs for gifted children, as well as Gallery 37.

* I am a practicing artist (I have shown throughout the U.S. and Chicago) I am
the recipient of grants and fellowships and artist residencies, a freelance art
critic for
The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Reader, and the recipient of numerous reviews
and critiques of my art work within the print media.

* I was named an assistant adjunct professor after teaching as a visiting artist
for three years based on my professional development, student evaluations,
publications, a peer review and jury, and pursuit of 30 post graduate credits in
a variety of classes.

* I have shown my studentsí work in a variety of professional and unconventional
venues (see my resume).

* I am aware of many current trends as that was a big part of what I taught in
the graduate level class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
entitled. Art
Education in Society.

* I try to incorporate as much as I can of current critical theory in Art
Education into my classes, but I also try to incorporate what seems to be out of
style these
days, mainly that the process of art making can be as important many times as the
product itself, and that the process creates many opportunities for reflection,
experimentation and inquiry that purely product based art making does not always

* I am infinitely interested in the question a student raises about why a camera
works as it does, or what the difference might be between pigment and light, and
why abstract art developed as it did. I feel passionate about research and about
what technology can provide now in terms of artistic and art historical research
experimentation. We live in an exciting world these days. I feel passionate
about learning and teaching and presenting myself to students as both a teacher
and a
learner. I think we learn by example not by admonition.

* Memberships in professional groups such as The NAEA, The Illinois Arts
Alliance, The Illinois Alliance for Arts Education, The Chicago Women's Caucus
Art, The Chicago Artist's Coalition, and The College Art Association all help to
keep me as informed as to the current discourse in contemporary education and art
education as possible.


Carmela Rago

*Carmela Rago
4518 North Bernard
Chicago, Illinois


* Master of Fine Arts The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago,
* Bachelor of Fine Arts The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago,
* Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont
* Type 10 Certification to Teach Art in Illinois (K-12)

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY -- My classes are comprised of four distinct components:

* Studio work/praxis: /practice Students gain expertise through practice in
specific exercises, experiments, projects and assignments in which they learn
process, planning and execution of product in art making.
* Art History: Students engage in the comparative study of art, art history,
classic art critical theory, and contemporary critical and post modern theory.
* Aesthetics: Students explore the elements of art, color and design theory,
systems of creating and deconstructing work, and elements of visual culture in
at their work, the work of peers and in examination of the environment in which
we live. Through understanding aesthetics in general, they develop a visual
which enables them to create their own concept of what might be aesthetically
relevant and meaningful in their own art.
* Criticism: Students engage in constructive critique in the examination of
their own work and the work of their peers.


1992- Present
The Studios
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Multi Media Art, Instructor (two to three classes per semester) (4-5 year olds,
6-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds depending on whether it is Fall, Winter or
Class Description: A broad-based multi media art program designed to encourage a
multi-dimensional approach to making art while integrating both classic art
making tools
and techniques as well as new genres, methodologies and strategies using the
collection of The Art Institute of Chicago. Students explore drawing, painting,
sculpture, performance art, printmaking, puppet making, sewing, paper mache.
Polaroid and Xerox self-portraits, and book making. (Studios syllabus available
upon request)

Mount Prospect and Wheeling High School,
Mt Prospect and Wheeling, Illinois
Art 1, Photography 1 Instructor. Taught art within a dual, full time position
fulfilling the requirements of two fairly traditional college preparatory art
curricula (one
block schedule at Wheeling and one traditional schedule at Mount Prospect) in
beginning art, and photography. Class Description: This studio art program
emphasized drawing, painting, sculpture, charcoal, pen and ink, and color theory.

Boone Elementary School for the Humanities,
Chicago, Illinois
K-12 Assigned, Tenured Art and Drama teacher. I taught art and drama as part of
an arts team consisting of four arts specialists, two literacy specialists and a
librarian who taught drama/music, movement/dance and gym/movement, poetry
reading, and library research techniques. The over arching educational goal at
Boone is that every program is designed to enhance literacy, bridge the
humanities within an integrated, humanities-based, peaceable schools curriculum
fulfills National, State and Chicago based standards, guidelines and goals. The
population of Boone was/is diverse (18 different languages were spoken). (I left
Boone in order to explore High School Art Education at Wheeling and Mount
Prospect, lured by smaller class sizes, art rooms relegated for art, a
increase in salary, and block scheduling).

Jungman Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois
Full time, Tenured Art Teacher. I taught art within a dynamic, visionary
(created and overseen by the principal, Manuel Lopez), integrated curriculum
1997 Standards and Guidelines. The school (over-crowded and under supplied) had
been on probation, and just been moved out of the probationary category.
Prior to my arrival, the art department had been closed, as test scores and over-
crowding were determined a priority over creative expression. The previous art
teacher had been re-assigned, and the art room made into a much needed
kindergarten room. The basement where we held art classes on occasion was a
center. I came in as an arts specialist to teach a honed down, lean "art on a
cart" program which emphasized literacy and art ideas more than studio processes
and/or products. I transferred to Boone when I heard of their opening in what
seemed a more creative "arts friendly" program.

Perez Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois
Full time, Assigned and Tenured Art Instructor (K-12) I taught art according to
Objectives and Guidelines outlined by The State of Illinois integrated with The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Studios curriculum concepts as well as a
curriculum which emphasized the study of The Americas and Latino and Mexican
American identity. (This position was funded by state Chapter One funding which
closed to .5 when enrollment dropped by half in 1997, rather than teach between
two schools, I opted for an opening at Jungman School, a few blocks down the


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Performance Department, In this studio class,
interdisciplinary art, new genres, and performance art are studied through
video tapes, film screenings, research, journals, field trips and a series of
assignments in which students attempt to examine their studio discipline in light
of the
utilization of voice, the body, movement, space, prop, light, set and sound.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Team Teacher, The Studios Practicum Field Seminar. In this seminar we examine
The process of the Studios apprentice teaching experience in light of discipline,
problem solving, assessment, ethics in art education, record keeping and
developing an art curriculum and scope and sequence in both private and public

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Visiting Artist, Art Education, Art Therapy, Art Education and Society. This
seminar brings together and de-constructs those institutions which shape and
both contemporary and future society and the role which the artist and teacher
plays as an integrating, humanizing and enriching force.


* Professional Artist's Residency, Oxbow Summer School of Art, Saugatuck,
* Chicago Arts Collaborative For Teachers, Chicago, Illinois
* Chicago Foundation For Education Mentor Grant, Chicago, Illinois
* Art Matters, Incorporated Grant, New York, New York
* The Illinois Art's Council Artist fellowship, Chicago, Illinois
* The Illinois Arts Council Project Completion Grant
* Oxbow Summer school of Art Scholarship Saugatuck, Michigan
* The Chicago Art Award, Chicago, Illinois


Art in Chicago, (essay) Thames and Hudson, New York.

The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Reader, Chicago, Illinois

The New Art Examiner, Chicago, Illinois

Whitewalls, Chicago, Illinois


Oxbow Summer School of Art
Saugatuck, Michigan
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Art in the Meadow, Instructor. This summer class mimicked The Studios program
classes I teach at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

DePaul University
McPrep Program
Chicago, Illinois

Art Instructor in a six week gifted program for Chicago Public School children,
which integrated art, writing, the humanities and science.

Family Week Summer Camp
Oxbow Summer School of Art
Saugatuck, Michigan
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Instructor. This summer class mimicked The Studios program classes I teach at
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Northeastern University with the Chicago Teacher's Center
Chicago, Illinois
Art Instructor. This summer institute was a six week gifted program for Chicago
Public School children which integrated art, creative writing, the humanities and

Sound Art and Book Making
Gallery 37
Chicago, Illinois

Art Instructor. Conducted an art program for talented middle and high school
students. The course objectives entailed the creation of a book, sound cassette
box or structure for both. The books and audiotapes were created and inspired
from traditional and experimental book making and sound recording techniques.

Lake Shore Preparatory School
Chicago, Illinois

Lead teacher. Conducted an after school and day program for 4 to 9 year olds.
Designed multi disciplinary curriculum integrating the arts across the

 Curatorial: Exhibitions of Student Work

District 214 Exhibition of student work, Randhurst Mall, Mount Prospect, Illinois

District 214 Exhibition of Student work, Oakton Community College, Arlington
Heights, Illinois

Figure it Out, Student Work From The Studios, Betty Rymer Gallery, The School of
the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Hand, Eye, Brain exhibition of Student work from Boone Elementary School and
other Chicago Public Schools, Gallery 1926, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Public School All City Exhibition, Chicago Public Schools Central Office,
Pershing Road, Chicago, Illinois.

Selected Listing of Solo Performances and Exhibitions

1995 Nights of The Blue Rider Festival, The Blue Rider Theater,
Chicago, Illinois

Conflict of Interest, Links hall, Chicago, Illinois

* Real, The School of the art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

* Nasty Little Stories, Gallery II, Chicago, Illinois

1992 Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1992 Club Lower Links, Chicago, Illinois

Prior to 1992, I had solo shows at the following venues:
* P.S, 122, New York, New York
* Film in The Cities, Minneapolis Minnesota
* LakeView Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois
* MoMing Dance and Art Center, Chicago, Illinois
* Sushi Gallery, San Diego, California
* The Contemporary art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
* The Washington Project for he arts, Washington, D.C.
* The University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
* The Midwest Women's Caucus for Art
* N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* The Museum of Contemporary Art, , Chicago, Illinois
* Chicago Filmmaker's Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* West Hubbard Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* Links Hall, Chicago, Illinois
* The Aspen center for the Visual Arts, Aspen, colorado

Group Shows and Exhibitions

1996 Art in Chicago, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois

Prior to 1992, I participated in group shows at the following venues:
* The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois
* Nancy Lurie Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
* MoMing, Chicago, Illinois
* N.A.M.E. Gallery Chicago, Illinois
* Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Media appearances and reviews:

Reviews about my work have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun
Times, the New Art Examiner, Art in America, Art Forum, Chicago Magazine, The
Washington Times, Dialogue Magazine, The Chicago Reader, the Village Voice, the
London Times and others. A full listing with dates and reviewers is available
upon request.

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