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bad language....LONG!


Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 17:36:15 PST

There really is no place for this in school and you do not need a
justification. This kind of communication is NOT what you are trying to
teach. It is not acceptable in any other part of the school environment so
therefore, not acceptable in art, end of story.

I tell my students there are things that are not acceptable for school art:

1. Any sort of violence depected in their bloody body parts

2. No swear words

3. No guns or weapons of any kind

Many people might disagree with me. What I tell the children is that there
are certain things that are not ok for SCHOOL ART. If they draw those kinds
of things at home, that is their right as artist...I give this same set of
rules to children middle school through kindergarten. I never have a problem.

Regarding swearing:

Last year I had two students who were taunting each other and fighting in
class....they were saying stupid stuff like "you pee coke", your pee is
this...", you f#@k a cow" you f@#k a duck". Well.....first of all I let them
have it....made it very clear that that kind of language was unacceptable,
offensive and that they owed their classmates an appology and me an appology.
 Then they had to come in at recess and write their parents a note telling
them what they said. front of the students, I called home and left
messages to both families saying there had been a problem in art, the student
was bringing home a letter and I was available if they wished to speak with

I heard from both parents withing half an hour after school. I explained to
both parents that when something like this happens, it is important that they
hear what happened from the child (that is the reason for the letter, so I am
not calling to tattle) and both parents said they felt that behavior was
unacceptable and would deal with it at home!

I also showed the letters to my principal before I sent them home.

I have not had any more problems like that.....also, dealing with it so in
the open....let the other students know that behavior would not be tolerated
in any way, shape or form!

I don't know if this helps, but the parents feel less threatened by a letter
from the child than an accusation by a teacher. If it is in the own child's cannot be disputed as easily!

Good Luck!