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Re: powerbook question


From: Melissa Enderle (melissa_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 04:42:46 PST

Unfortunately, I think that your problem is more than just the battery
needing reconditioning. Batteries (especially older ones) typically need
reconditioning if they simply don't seem to last as long as they once did.
For this problem, it is recommended that you sometimes let the computer
battery completely discharge - that is, run the computer on battery until it
is completely drained.

Rather, I think your problem might have to do with either the charger or the
connector on your computer where you plug the charger in. First, I would try
to find someone who has a powerbook like yours. Borrow their charger and see
if your battery charges. If so, then you have a bad charger, which can be
replace for less than $100. You can also try putting in a different battery.
Does your recharger charge that battery? Or, does your battery recharge in
someone else's G3? You can also try your recharger on someone else's
powerbook. Basically all of this will help either identify or eliminate
suspects. What part did you jiggle to get the charging to work? My guess is
that the problem may lie in the connector place where you plug the adapter
into the computer. If it doesn't make a proper connection, it won't
recharge. When it is plugged in, does the computer indicate that it's using
battery power or that it's plugged in? Do you get any indication of
recharging, such as the lightning bolt?
Trying some of these things can help solve the problem or give a tech person
a good indicator of what to do next. Should you have more questions, feel
free to contact me.

On 3/6/02 2:10 AM, "Sears, Ellen" <> wrote:

> Not art related... but imagine if you will....
> I am finishing work on my national boards - due next week, and the laptop
> won't recharge. I have maybe 30 minutes left on it. I don't know if it is
> the charger, the battery or the computer. Thinking the computer connection
> - up until Friday night you could jiggle it around and it would recharge.
> Anyway... does anyone use an external battery charger? Where did you get
> it? This laptop is fine for word processing - all we really do - it is a
> Powerbook G3 - about 4 years old... if having it looked at, buy parts
> happens - a new ibook may be the way to go cost-wise... so .... looking for
> info on external charger.

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