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Re: Anger Management


From: Roberta Tefft (rbtefft_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 11:28:28 PST


  Larry Seiler <> wrote:
> It is so sad what children are asked to endure in this world.

Imagine, if a statistic is correct....that teens have about 8 minutes of
quality conversation with a parent each week. They have their peers, and
their culture enculturating as their moral compass. In fact, a guy rippin'
on Jews, blacks, women, and homosexuals getting four grammy awards this
year. we are in a classroom suggesting there's a higher more
excellent way. What kind of credibility do we have in lieu of my hearing
even our second graders freely watching MTV with their spring break college
thong and strip parties, flesh indulging rappers and women coined,
"bitches"...etc; Not to mention the evening "Undressed" teen soft porn
series. Then you've got ex NFL guys pretending to rip each other's faces
off in a glorified growling violent expose WWF.

Homes are falling apart. Then, you have states demanding state testing,
dismissing a kid whose father comes home drunk and beats his mother into the
hospital is somehow suppose to maintain priority of the importance of
keeping up in his academic classes. In other schools, kids know a
half-dozen that have committed suicides...wondering if they weren't the
courageous ones taking matters into their own hands, or completely stupid?
It is tough for anyone, let alone have to filter thru and process
all this and even begin to get proper bearings on what is "good"...and what
is meaningful.

The pressure keeps falling back upon the schools to someone save these DO SOMETHING!!!! Yet...laws and the times have cemented that we
only present the facts. Knowledge. What kids are missing....technically
the academics and most classes can't supply, because that would go beyond
providing simply facts and knowledge. They need meaning and purpose. That
burden has become the sole responsibility legally of parents, area churches
and the community at large, yet...we bear the results day in and day out of
those entities failing to provide such for young people. I see the art room
as a possible environment where young people can explore and be encouraged
to think about their world, about meaning...but, we don't have much we can
do when pop heroes instill anarchy and hatred. There is a sense of being
abandoned, and of a lashing back out at the world that can be evidenced in
the youth culture today. is sad.

Kindness makes a person attractive. We can draw young people to us....but,
we better have something pertinent for them when we do. That is a soul
searching thing, and I have my ideas and my opinions. What a task, isn't
it? I mean....somehow we are expected to parent these kids, to give them
guidance and direction, to "fix" them....yet really, we are only
here...licensed and back by law to teach "knowledge." Perhaps this says
more about the lack of full empowerment knowledge alone fails to give.
So...what happens? What are young people to do if meaning and purpose are
not supplied? Is it proper to assume that simply getting older alone will
in time supply it? Evidence seems to be mounting in our society that says
simply, "this isn't true." -Larry

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