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Art Prints - and other K-12 Visual Resources


From: JDecker (JDecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 05:07:23 PST

In doing a quick search--I did not find a Web site for Shorewood Fine Art
Reporductions....I have not ordered from them in six years. This is what I
did find out about the company. The last time I ordered, the prints were
$8.00 each --but I am sure they have gone up by now.

Shorewood Fine Art Reproductions, Inc.

27 Glen Road
Sandy Hook CT 06482
Phone (203) 426-8100
Fax (203) 426-0867

This catalogue contains a collection of large (22"x28"), full-color
reproductions of art from many cultures, however, the majority of the
collection is devoted to western art. An Art Reference Guide and Artists'
Biographies provide background information about each piece.

Here is anoterh Video Resource, too:
Kultur Video
Customer Service
732-229-2343 732-229-0066--fax

This was posted before....(I am glad I saved it)

I like to use the Art Image Publications, Inc. prints. There are more
affordable that the Shorewood prints (I do not have my Shorewood catalog at
home--maybe someone else can post the address?). You can make you own sets
for additional savings off the per print price. It is extremely difficult to
suggest which prints are a must for high school. I am curious---Is this high
school part of a larger district? Maybe build on resources that the other
building DO NOT have--develop a method for sharing resources.

Art Image Publications
P.O. Box 568
Champlain, NY 12919

You might want to consider the multi-cultural mix of your student
population--Art Images has some very nice "First Nations" sets (one new set
showing contemporary Native American art).

In presenting individual artists--I look for my own "heroes"--artist that
show/showed character traits I want to instill in my students. This company
as at least 234 individual reproductions (I am looking at my old catalog
right now). What I like about this company is that they also have
reproductions of sculptures (Picasso, Oldenburg, Segal, etc)--and
multi-cultural reproductions.

I ordered a selection of math-integration prints a few years ago. For high
school--you might want to order prints to integrate with literature and
social studies, too (a couple Renaissance--some from WW's -- 1960's etc---I
am not up on the high school curriculum anymore). don't try to get it all at
once--maybe shoot for a few themes--then build on the following years.

For multi-cultural resources--I like Crizmac
Crizmac Art and Cultural Education Materials, inc.
P.O. Box 65928
Tucson, AZ 85728- 5928

A lot of their resources seem to be geared to middle school age--but can be
used for high school and elementary, too (lots of books for elementary). If
you have a high Latino population--I would suggest looking here. Many good
resources for Native American art, too. You can even purchase actual art
objects (masks, wood carvings, textile example, etc). Good resource for
CD-ROM's and music CD's.

I can't begin to point out all of the great stuff from Crystal Productions!

Crystal Production
Box 2159
Glenview, IL 60025-6159

Ironically, I had just finished looking through it before I read your post.
The "Know the Artist Posters" are all relatively new--so other building in
your district may not have them. I look through all of these catalogs---then
see what I can also get through SAX (Sax offers free shipping which these
other companies do not. Often with a quantity order--you can get a discount
from Sax--which you can not from these other companies.) Sax has a separate
Visual Resource catalog you may request:

P.O. Box 510710
New Berlin, WI 53151

I suggest you get to know Judy Nagel from this list.

If you are ordering for the Library--you libraries may want to get what they
can through their own companies. Our librarian orders books through Follett
(sp?) and videos through Library Video ( )Sometime the prices through Library Video are
less than in the art resource catalogs.

Look through the catalogs and order your own interests (will you be the
teacher?). I find that I do a better job teaching the artists, cultures,
styles I admire myself. You can always add on as new teachers come into the
building. If you are a believer in "At across the curriculum" (and
D.B.A.E.)--then it is important to find out what time periods/cultures are
covered in social studies and language arts. I have two teacher friends in
our high school that I send web resources to (one in social studies the
other in English/LA --went to grad school with them--so know what they

I have ordered slide from Universal Color Slide Co. I have to be
honest--using slide requires so much organization--that I use my PowerPoint
images far more...I still get out the slide projector from time to
time....for maybe one or two images to critique.

Universal Color Slide Co.
8450 South Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34238-2936

Sandak had quality slide but I think they went out of business. I would
check the Internet for Museum slide sets--much more affordable. National
Gallery will even let you borrow slide packets. Our district has nice slide
collections from St. Louis Museum of Art and Cleveland Museum of Art. I have
seen many other museums offer rental of slide set and video on the WWW. I
have borrowed videos from several art museums (just have to pay shipping--If
I really liked they video, I would purchase it).

Davis Publications has slide set the go along with their texts. Discover Art
History (by Brommer?) is an excellent text--with accompanying slide set

Davis Publications
50 Portland Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Great resource for elementary and middle school curriculum materials, too.

Use Teacher Video company with caution. I found their prices to be higher
than in other catalogs for most videos. They offer a "free" video when you
purchase four videos for $29.99. I paid considerable more for those five
videos than if I had ordered from another source. The descriptions of the
videos were also very misleading. The best descriptions I have found are on
Library Video Web site ( )
They tell you if there is nude content--and give you age appropriate
guidelines--many other sources do not).

Hope this helps,

Judy Decker