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NY Conference Favorites,etc.(long)


Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 04:49:50 PST

Hi, Everyone! How much fun to finally meet my internet friends face to face!
  Woody, Eileen, Stephanie, Jane, Maggie, Sharon, Myriam, just to mention a
few at dinner Wed. night. I counted forty of us all together at one point or
another- it was a feat getting separate checks. Then on Sat. morning at
breakfast I got to meet my teaching "twin" Sky and see Ken and others I had
met at Wed. dinner.

Jill from New Zealand and her husband Jim stayed with me for 2 nights before
the conference and 1 night after it. When I first discussed inviting them my
husband said," You're inviting perfect strangers to our home?!?" I said that
I doubted that they were axe murderers and he agreed. Funny thing is that
Jill said when she told her family that she was staying at our house her
daughter was very concerned and said, "You're staying at a perfect stranger's
house in New York?!?" (you know you gotta be careful of those New Yorkers).
LOL Anyway, it was a wonderful adventure to share my home with my new New
Zealand friends. They were lovely and we talked non-stop, comparing our
lives from two sides of the same world. Jim kept commenting on how alike he
thought Jill and I were. Couldn't find much that we have here in the U.S.
that they don't have there, except, (would you believe?) chocolate pudding!
Made a chocolate pudding pie for dessert which they loved and sent them home
with boxes of the stuff. LOL
We took The LI Railroad into the city and stayed at the Hilton during the
conference. On Sunday came back to my house and Monday took them to see what
America's schools are like. Jill brought a video she had made about her
school, community, and family. We showed it to my Monday classes, got out the
globe, and Jill "taught" my little ones all about New Zealand. They were

Attended some great workshops at the conference: Carolyn and Bunkie outdid
themselves with their Oodles of Ideas Workshop. I got there early so I could
sit in the front row next to Maggie and introduce myself to the famed Carolyn
and Bunkie! I liked a couple of the clay workshops. I also attended one
about tips on painting while travelling. Since I am a painter and will be
painting for a month in Florence this summer, this one really came in handy.
My energetic friends from Georgia, Debi West and Jeannette Wachtman gave
their workshop, Rythm-songs. They're selling their program on casstte and
booklet which integrates art history, song, and verse. If anyone wants to
buy a copy, e-mail me and I'll send you info.

I LOVED the MoMA exhibit- Highlights of the Collection- so many of the actual
paintings that we use as examples to teach modern art, right there- under one
roof! It was amazing! The MoMA arranged the work beautifully. They put
back the entire huge mural-like paintings of only Monet's Water Lilies in one
room (like they used to show it years ago) One could just sit back and
admire the beauty. And my favorite pieces- Kandinsky's Seasons- all four
next to each other and right there before your very eyes. Sigh.... Not to
mention Starry night, came back from loan in Nov. Mondrian's Boogie Woogie
Broadway, Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy, Chuck Close's self-portrait, Jackson
Pollock, Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, Matisse's Red Studio....the list
goes on and on.... Coming from someone who visit's the MoMA monthly- it is
the best ever exhibit. The Vermeer exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of
Art was also terrific. I went to see it on Fri. night with the New York
"constituancy" and then we had dinner at the Met afterwards.

Just a little note of apology: Had I known that Binney and Smith was
treating us to a wedding- yes- so much food, stations and stations of
differents foods, desserts, drinks- enough for 6,000 people, not the 3,000
people that attended in the temendous ballroom at the Hilton, I never would
have planned our Artsednet dinner immediately before! It was a shock to
those of us who know that in past years we were crowded into a much smaller
room where you were lucky to be able to reach for a carrot stick and a
cookie! Next year in Miami we'll not meet for dinner before the Binney and
Smith Gala. Ready to book Miami!
Susan on Long Island