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Re: across the ciriculum!


Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 20:40:55 PST

Gabrielle --
are you familiar with the book Mouse Paint? It's where little mice jump into
jars of paint and mix colors.
I have done a fun cross-curriculum lesson with it in kindergarten. I
enlisted our p.e. teacher and custodian to help me, but you could easily add
in math, science, music, etc. Very briefly, here's what we did:
I combined all 4 Kdg classes (100 students) into a 2 hour class of art and
p.e. The classroom teachers stayed around to help and enjoy the fun. The week
prior, I had read the book Mouse Paint (literature) to all 4 Kdg classes and
we did a primary into secondary color mixing lesson (science). On the big
day, all Kdg art classes met outside on the playground. We have large
circles (approx. 20' diameter) painted on the playground for recess games. I
placed large roasting pans full of red, yellow and blue paint at the 3, 6 and
9 o'clock spots on the circle. At the 12 o'clock spot was a big tub of soapy
water. 4th grade student helpers were positioned at each spot to assist
kindergarteners in stepping in and out of the tubs. All kdgs took off their
shoes and socks. (You could throw in a rousing chorus of Three Blind Mice if
you wanted some music! Or, even do sort of a musical chairs version of
this...) One class at a time lined up behind the colored paint tubs. Each
kid stepped into the paint and had to declare what color they wanted to
change into, then they had to figure out which color paint tub they needed to
head over to. As they stepped out of the first color tub, they pattered over
to the second color tub, leaving painted footprints as they went. (count the
steps for math) They stepped into the second color, which mixed with what was
left of the first color on their feet and pattered the new color the rest of
the way around the circle to the big soapy water tub, where they jumped in
and washed the paint off. As they jumped out of this tub, the custodian had
a blast hosing the soapy feet as each screaming kindergartener then ran over
to the grassy hill to "dry" their feet by running up the hill and participate
in a color relay game which the p.e. teacher had set up. We also played
colored balloon games and colored ring toss to round out a VERY FUN art/p.e.
morning. For a bonus, we ended up with a great (temporary) foot print
"mural" on the playground, which lasted until the first big rain! It was a
really fantastic morning, but required mega planning, schedule changes, staff
cooperation (they were great), etc. And amazingly, out of 100
kindergarteners, only 1 little guy just could not bring himself to put his
bare tootsies into the paint! :-)
Well, sorry if this got so long and hope it is somewhat helpful!!! --Lisa in
SD (where I actually saw GRASS in my yard today for the first time since it
snowed here 4 months ago -- YEA SPRING!!!