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Re: The best crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk


From: Sharon Henneborn (heneborn_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 22:08:55 PST

I keep markers in a Ziplock freezer bags. This way if/when caps come
off the bag keeps the tip from drying out. I save caps from old
finished markers. Very useful!

I have found that Prang and Sanford's Mr. Sketch will last the longest
in the plastic bags. Sanford's Colorifics have some problems that
need to be worked out. I got some of the first produced and ordered
some for this year. Mostly I like the Colorifics but many of them
just fall apart and kids bring the soft innards up to me thinking they
have done something awful to the marker. Some I got had no color
also. I didn't complain because they were free samples. I suppose I
should have reported to the company.

I don't like Crayola as much because I think they are short lived.
Washable markers have less intensity of color than classic markers -
any brand. I do like the pastel from Crayola but then they are
supposed to have less intense color.

I haven't tried Pentel but I want to give them a try next.

I love sharpies and if you can find a way to keep the caps on they
last a long time. Again the zip lock bags work for me.

I like Ross brand of glue and paste. Less expensive and as good or
better than Elmers.

Prang is the best in my opinion for watercolor sets. Keep to their
professional sets.

The best colored pencils are Prismacolor if they can afford them and
if they can find in a local store. Prang colored pencils are
excellent and come in different grades. I buy fewer sets of the
better grade - Professional grade. They are no more expensive than
Crayola and are far superior. Much more pigment than binder. Rich
color. my kids love them.

Prang crayons are much less expensive and far superior. Give it a
test of coloring side beside the same color. Much less wax and much
more pigment. Prang crayons do break a little more easily because
there is less binder and more color. Parents think that Crayola is
better because it is more expensive than Prang and because they have
seen so many commercials for Crayola.

Prang Soybean crayons are nice too if you can find them. Local
supplier will probably stock supplies for you that you want to put on
your list.

I like UHU glue sticks - the larger the better. I keep the lids at my
desk and put them on at the end of the day/period. I try to save lids
of the spent glue sticks. I absolutely hate the Crayola's new glue
sticks. The idea of a lid and stand together is a good design but the
glue doesn't last long and the plastic holder pops out easily. I
bought 2 doz. Crayola glue sticks and 1 doz. UHU glue sticks for day
one / Sept. It is March and not one Crayola stick is still useful and
all the UHU sticks are still usable.

I am the poster girl for TruRay Construction paper. It just stays
nice forever and cuts beautifully. Kids are so successful with this
paper they waste much less and even waste become good scraps which are
just as bright and clear for years to come as new packages. No more
throwing away the faded crumbling stuff at the end of the year. I
took scraps to the camp I do in the summer. The camp gave me a
cabinet to store the scraps for the next summer. Colors still just as
nice as when I put the box away. For 5 years I have been bugging the
management (Riverside Paper) to package an assorted package of their
bright colors to balance the assorted classic colors. At last the
brights are on the market. Now my next task is to get them to expand
their market so that parents can buy for the children. That was the
whole point of packaging the assorted. Unfortunately they do not have
the product out in the stores where parents can buy. They have their
high quality white sulfite in the Sam's Club and Walmart. I will work
on them.

>From: "Kimberly Herbert" <>
>Subject: RE: The best crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk
>Date: Fri, Mar 9, 2001, 1:38 PM

> We buy class packs of Crayola and they last for several years. We store the
> markers "in use" tip down in cans. This keeps the tips from drying out and
> makes it easy to spot the topless markers because they are shorter than the
> others. Loose tops fall off as they are being put up.
> Kimberly Herbert (
> CAM Administrator
> San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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> From: L. P. Skeen []
 Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:05 AM
> Subject: Re: The best crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk

>> >Longest lasting markers?
>> The Sanford Colorific markers can literally go weeks without a cap and
 still be ok.

> I have to disagree on this. I won a shoebox full of these markers at NCAEA
 last year, but did not open them until this fall. Some of the colors
are not true, ie: the black looks blue, and they don't give as good
coverage on the paper as Crayolas do. In addition, there's some kind
of problem at Sanford with the creation of these markers; I have found
3 so far with NO
> COLOR WHATSOEVER in them. Weird.