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Re: I need the wisdom of the sages


Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 12:03:00 PST

Since I've always worked, I''ve learned to deal with time constraints and
just fit in what I can. I have found that teaching actually helps me become
more focused on what I want to do as an artist and even gives me new ideas.
Since you teach high school, take your work there and find some time while
the kids are working. I'm sure they would love to see your work.
 It seems like you have some other diffuculities other than teaching that are
stressing you out. As a mother of a teen and one in college, I can
sympthaize. Add to that an ill husband, and it's no wonder you want to find a
corner to hide in.
If teaching is something you enjoy, stick with it. Although it never gets
easier or less time consuming, you will enjoy it's rewards. Take a personal
day now and then to help get your focus back. Remember that summer is just
around the corner and will give you more time to persue your own intersts.
If teaching seems to not be your thing, look elsewhere. Someone with your
obvious talent could find a position that would challenge you, but not stress
you out. Teaching is a full time job. I'm always looking for ideas, making
lesson plans and samples. As I teach elementary, that's five different
projects going on at the same time, usually two per six weeks. Teaching is
what I love however, my own art comes second. I never planned to be a full
time artist. I always make things to just give away. I've wanted to be a
teacher since I was 5 years old. Art is the subject I decided on when I was
in high school. Before that I was going to teach history.
Seek out your counselor at your school. I't helps to have someone close by to
talk to that can symphasize with your situation. If you district has a mental
health program, take advantage of it. They are trained to help you see
situations clearly and deal with them.
Good luck with your choice whatever it is. We;re always here to listen. JH