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Re: Here is an idea -- about homework


Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 18:30:50 PST

I too require homework in HS. Only, I require 10 "creative" entries each
week. (now the term "creative" is subjective- so I do not use this as a
criteria for grading) Each week I grade their sketchbooks by counting the
number of entries. I DO NOT Grade the QUALITY of work- just the quantity.
Without instruction, most HS sketches are well "YUK". So I don't want to
tell them their work was not good- so I grade them on whether or not they DID
their homework. RESPONSIBILITY is what I am trying to teach them- while
trying to get them to understand the creative PROCESS. The following
describes my handout...
I am currently assessing the value of this type of sketchbook. I have had a
senior come to me and say thank you for making him use his sketchbook in a
creative manner ( I also have students work in them during class- when
developing ideas for their projects)

Kathy in Kalamazoo...
CHS Sketchbook
Definition: A collection of Visual images (usually 2 dimensional), which
represents thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, facts, explorations or
materials.  Sketchbooks document thinking processes.  They outline
progressions from conception to the final solution.  The images conveyed may
be made with ANY stylus such as a ballpoint pen, chalk, paint, ink,
marker,quill, oil pastel, stick, pencil etc…Selective images from magazines
may also be entered in a sketchbook.  Articles, prose or “creative thought”
may also be expressed in sketchbooks.
Requirements: 10 HOMEWORK entries are required each week.  No “specific”
assignments will be given, however a list of ideas will be distributed.  You
MUST bring your sketchbook to school each day, as various class assignments
will also have to be added.  ALL sketchbooks are to be“bound” neatly and in
order before handing in for grading OR a “1” will be your Sketchbook grade
for the week.  You may draw on ONE side only (I will be checking off and
making comments on the BACK of your Drawings).
It is not necessary to draw 10 different things each week.  You might want to
develop an idea so you may draw the same thing 10 different ways.  Please
label all images with important information such as size.  All notes taken in
class must go in your sketchbook or you will not be able to use themfor a
video quiz.
Grading:             10 + Homework entries will get you an A for the week
                        09                                “         
              A-            “
                        08                                “         
              B-       “
                        07                                “         
              C-            “
                        06                                “         
              D-            “
                        05                                “         
              E            “
All sketchbooks will be picked upon Thursdays for grading.  Caution: do not
wait until the last minute to get your drawings done!  All LATE sketchbooks
will be marked down
TWO points before Ilook at your work!  Get your work doneon time.