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Re: Schedule


From: Vivian Komando (komandv_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 11:24:13 PST

5:10 AM - Annoying alarm clock goes off
6:15AM - Run out the door to hopefully miss some of the
traffic on the way to school - 9 miles - 5 miles of which
are under construction (for 2+ years and not due to be
completed until May 2002)
6:45AM - Hopefully have arrived at school. Sign in and
proceed to unload and reload the kiln. Kids drop off
projects or just stop in to chat.
7:00AM - 1st Period - Sculpture
7:55AM - 2nd Period - Sculpture
8:50AM - 3rd Period - Drawing & Painting
9:45AM - Duty Study Hall (most teachers only have this
for a total of 6 weeks a semester - I have it for all 2nd
semester so I can have 6th period as my planning period
in between my 2 IB classes.)
10:45 Lunch
11:10AM - 5th Period - Higher Level IB Art
11:55 - 6th - Planning
12:50 - 7th Period - Subsid Level IB Art
1:45PM - End of day for students
2:15PM - Teachers may leave

We have Block periods of 100 minutes on most
Wednesdays(even + 5th period - lunches) and Thursdays
(odd periods).

Clean up is constant with 150 students a day coming in
the room. I have 2 student aides - 1 for 5th and 1 for
7th periods - they sort of clean up and run errands.

I usually am after school for several hours. IB kids are
usually in the room asking questions or getting materials
or working. I try to leave a desk top where I can see the
surface for the next day. I semi straighten up the room.
I used to be obsessive about cleaning up and would stay
until 6PM to make sure everything was spotless and in
place for the next day. Going back to school curtailed my
obsessive behavior. I now leave between 3PM and 4PM.

Mondays I go to my Stat Study Group from 3-5PM. Then
hopefully to the store to buy food to feed my family.

Thursdays I have class an hour and a half away - so I
leave at 2:15 so I can rush home, wash my face, grab my
books and leave. I meet another art teacher so we can
share ideas over dinner (This week we got Subway and then
went to her classroom. She showed me how to make clay
whistles, which I had my class do last year, but I
couldn't get them to whistle correctly. She showed me the
error of my ways:)and then go to class at 7:30 - Doctoral
Seminar Psychological Foundations in Art Education (class
runs until 10:10PM, but we are usually out by 9 - 9:30 -
home by 11PM.)

Fridays - I have stayed until 5PM so kids could stay -
but my daughter has started voice lessons so I must leave
at 2:50.

Kids ask me everyday if I am going to stay after school
and for how long so they can stay.

I definitely do take things home to work on - like this
weekend - 33 IB exam books are sitting on my table so I
can check to see what is incomplete and what each student
needs to complete for their IB exam in April.

I try to keep a school web page with their announcements
and assignments - sometimes current - sometimes not. It
is basically web page for dummies - since all I have to
do is type - and it gets posted. This takes several hours
at a time, though.

I do a lot of Internet research for my class projects -
art history, artists, cultures, etc. ArtsEdNet is a must
for me! I learn so much and I am inspired by so many of
the ideas shared and the lessons. As you know - this
takes a few hours a week. then I print and organize my
lessons for the coming weeks.

I set up the IB art show - which takes a lot of
coordination and parent and community support. Since I am
the only IB art teacher at our school - I do this mostly
by myself - I don't even want to know how many hours I
put in to this.

I work with our 2 other art teachers for the school art
show - except this year they scheduled it during the IB
art show and exams - so I don't see how I can be 2 places
at one time. I am hoping they can change this.

I usually take work to and from the other art shows in
our area - County, FWB Museum Show, Senior Artist / Arts
and Design Society Show, and Congressional Art Show.

Kids call or email with questions - every day - but I am
fine with this:)

I do my papers and classwork for grad school in the
evenings and weekends. This is probably a minimum of 4
hours a week (but more like 6-8 hours.)

I am the technology person for the art department. So I
get to go to meetings for this once in a while.

There are several letters of recommendation every week
since I teach Juniors and Seniors for the most part.

Faculty meetings are Tuesdays after school if they are

Parent conferences are called for once in a while.

IB meetings - from general meetings to mentor meetings to
exam meetings are 2 - 4 times a month.

This summer I will be going to NJ to read AP Studio Art
Exams for the first time. I am very excited about doing
this. I will also be going to St. Petersburg for IB art
training on the new stuff. I will be assisting in
teaching a computer art class. And lastly, I hope to go
to Cuba with the CubArtEdu for a week in July.

I try to enter art shows with my own work every once in a
while - and that is usually done the night before
everything is due.

Every Friday evening, my husband and I have a date and go
to our favorite hole in the wall for great Italian food.
This is our catch up time.

And I have found that M&M's are the stress food of
choice. If the kids see them on my desk - they know time
is tight to accomplish our goals.

So at times I feel stretched, but I love teaching art,
and I have my husband involved whenever I can. He
deserves a medal for all I drag him to. He helps me a lot
whenever I have problems with my computers. He donates a
lot of time coming in to fix what my little darlings have
done to the computers. Our daughter is 14 and will be
with me at the HS next year. She has a very busy social
life - so if I am not driving her somewhere - there are
kids over our house. Does this sleep over thing ever get
old?Our sons are both married and have careers in
Southern Florida.

I have a busy and complete life. No time to sit around
and complain - but to make the most of every moment.
PS - One year I would like to take a vacation;P

"Hi this is a question for you busy teacher folk. I'd
like some idea of your daily schedules: arriving at
school, preparation time, amount of class time, meetings,
clean up, etc. How long are you usually at school? Do
you feel like you have adequate planning/prep time? Do
you take a lot of work home? Do you ever feel like you
can't "catch up?" Just wanted to know."

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