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Re: First day

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Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:44:53 EDT

First Day: "You are many things to many people....a son or daughter, a
sister or brother...when you play sports you are a baseball player...or
ballet science class you become a english a
writer....but when you enter the art room and create art you become an "ARTIST" takes care of their supplies, clean up after themselves,
share supplies, work well with others, are supportive of other artists, are
careful, do not waste things, work independently, make competent judgements
of their own work and others work, and use their right brain to create and
problem solve." This is given to all the classes....from pre-k to
8th.....With the little guys I always ask them what they are...they love
talking about themselves...and at the end they always agree that "yes they
are artists cause their moms or dads say they are too." It is really cute
the comments that I get. The older kids say...."I'm a terrible artist....I
can't do things,,,etc." Of course I say they are artists and are here to
learn to become better artists....they usually agree that "yes they want to
become better artists". They are very attentive to this speach at the start
of the year. I always talk about how our art supplies are not "toys" but
real art supplies that artists use. And if they were to go into an artist's
studio these are exactly the supplies they would have. This impresses the
older students to take care of brushes, not waste paper etc. Sometimes I
demonstrate the various weight papers....50 lb vrs. 80 lb. vrs typing vrs.
newsprint paper them the differences when they want to do a
practice drawing or fooling around drawing or a serious piece they want to
display. I also talk about safety with scissors, the paper cutter, fire
drills, and basic safety proceedures. We don't have a pencil sharpener in
the art room, our drawing pencils are sharpened with an x-acto knife by me in
lower grades...I demonstrate..they love this. Then in the 5th grade I
demonstrate and they try to sharpen a pencil themselves ( a few students at
a time so I can monitor it)...they love this too. Of course they don't do a
very good job at first, but they eventually learn. ( a pencil sharpener
really messes up my drawing pencils quickly and I found x-actos to work a lot
better) So this is what I talk about the first day...they are always
attentive and listen carefully. I don't talk about negative things
much...discipline etc....but talk about it when it happends. I do go over
the way I grade with the older about "effort grades" which is
what I give. I tell them that they are all "exceeding my expectations" at
the start of the year...and they are the ones to erode my expectations and
can lower their effort grades. I also comment on each childs report
card---which is required at our school. I tell them this, and when something
negative comes up with a child I try to make note of it so I have something
to say at report card time. (also possitive things are noted----for each
child) It is a private school so parents are very interested in this part of
the report card. It is a pain to do so many---about 200 students..takes
hours and hours...but necessary. Anyway hope this helps....let us know what
you do or say at the start of the year.