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Re: A Question about Teaching

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Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:07:26 EDT

I have been reading this strain especially carefully, because I am often torn
between moving around the room and quietly observing them as they work. I
find that some students will "manufacture" questions if I am more accessible,
questions that I think they would probably work out for themselves if I
weren't in such close proximity. This is such an important part of the
When I have had classes (keep in mind that I teach junior high) that
I felt like relied on me too heavily, I implemented the "3 questions rule"-
this takes some training, but worked well for me.
Before you raise your hand to ask the teacher a question:
1. Can I answer this question myself?
Is it a procedural question answered on the board? Is it a material
location question that I can easily locate? Etc.
2. Can a tablemate (or student in close proximity) answer this question?
Is it an instruction that I missed? Or would they know where the
palettes are located? Or what do you think of this color with this
3. Have I worked my way through the first 2 questions? if so, please ask
the teacher.

Once students learn this process, I find that my time is spent so much more
wisely. It can be tricky, my students know that I am there to help, and I do
not want to discourage them from asking, I just want them to be a little more
independent. They seem to appreciate it as well, this frees up some of my
time to really work with them without being distracted with 10 "what do I do
next?" questions...
Hope this wasnt too long,